Boy dead after hit by a train in Tulsa

Mar 8, 2012

Playing on a railroad track, near a school bus stop that was not his own, proves fatal in Tulsa . A 12-year-old boy, Richard Brown, was struck and killed by a freight train about eight o’clock this morning. He was pulled by the train down the tracks before the train could stop.

It happened near the 2200 block of North Lewis. Brown was rushed to the hospital where he died about two hours later.

Tulsa Public School officials confirm the boy was a student at the McLain Junior High School. Special grief counselors will be brought to the school.

The school district released the following statement:

“We are greatly saddened by the unfortunate tragedy that occurred this morning. Richard Alan Brown, a 7th grader at McLain Junior High, was struck by a train on the way to a bus stop and passed away. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of this young man and the students at McLain as they struggle to come to terms with this terrible loss. We will have grief counselors on hand today to help our students and staff at McLain, and will do everything we can to be of help to them. “We have been asked about the bus stop, and whether or not this was Richard’s designated bus stop. The student’s assigned bus stop was located at E. Woodrow Place and Harvard Ave., which is located less than the district’s approved walking distance for secondary students, and is also in the opposite direction of the highway and railroad track where he was struck. We are told he was en route to a different bus stop that is located near KIPP, which was not his designated stop.