Boil Order for Area Town

Weleetka, OK – Okla environmental officials issue boil advisory

WELEETKA, Okla. (AP) The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has issued a mandatory boil advisory for Weleetka, telling officials to inform residents that the Okfuskee County town's drinking water is unsafe for human consumption.

The agency on Friday said the water is unsafe because of inadequate levels of chlorine, which is used for disinfection, and the public water supply system's difficulty in complying with standards for turbidity, or water clarity.

Environmental Quality officials say to ensure the water is safe, it should be vigorously boiled for one minute before drinking, use in food preparation, washing dishes or brushing teeth.

Officials say the advisory will remain in effect until chlorination can be adequately maintained and any possible corrections to structural systems or operational practices have been made.

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