Bixby Youth Program Raffles Chance to Buy a Gun

Sep 13, 2013

A future Spartan makes a tackle.
Credit Bixby Youth Football

BIXBY (AP) — A youth football program in northeastern Oklahoma is making waves over a fundraiser that raffled off tickets saying the winner would receive a handgun.

But the president of the volunteer program said the raffle was actually for a gift certificate to a gun store — not for a gun.

Bixby Youth Football president Jason Clark says the ticket should have said the winner could choose to use the certificate to buy a gun after passing a background check. He says when he learned the tickets listed a handgun as the prize, he and others contacted authorities to make sure there were no liability issues.

Clark says the team has raffled a gun before and he's surprised by the attention.

The raffle raised more than $3,800 for a fourth-grade football team.