Bixby High Requiring Drug Test for Students to Park on Campus

Aug 11, 2017

Bixby High School students who want to park on campus will now have to submit to a drug test.

"Our ultimate goal is to try to educate and discourage and limit kids from using alcohol and illegal drugs," said Principal Terry Adams.

The test costs $25. The new policy is an expansion of Bixby High School's drug testing requirement for extracurricular activities, and Adams said any student in an extracurricular activity will have already paid that fee and taken the required drug test.

"That'd be any student involved in athletics, our ag program, drama, debate — any competitive activity," Adams said. "We already test in the neighborhood of 600 or 800 kids prior to that, so it's a smaller percentage that would actually have to take a first-time test."

Students can be randomly selected for additional tests, but that would not be an additional fee.

Adams said he has not heard personally from any parents against the new policy.

"But I've heard from different agencies that reported some parents talked to them about some concerns related, but I would say, generally, the response has been very positive and parents are thankful and appreciative we're expanding our policy and helping them to monitor their students," Adams said.