Bed Bug Dog to Inspect Central Library, Again

Sep 20, 2012

The Central Library is NOT closed, after an employee found part of a suspicious bug. An infestation of bed bugs caused a closure of the library for a few days earlier this summer. 

A follow-up inspection to that infestation is scheduled for Saturday after hours. 

“We do have a dog, Miss Liberty Bell, who is trained to identify and alert on bed bugs,” said Tulsa Library Chief Operating Officer Laure Sundborg, “and so she will be back here this weekend and go through the building.”

She says they can’t treat as a precautionary measure before then, since that would impair Miss Liberty’s ability to detect the bugs.

In the meantime, “We are responding in the way that we feel is best,” Sundborg said, “to reassure the public that the Central Library is safe and comfortable and a good place to visit.”