Barnard School Coming Down

Oct 9, 2012

Work gets underway this week on the demolition of the old Barnard Elementary School in Tulsa. The school at 17th and South Lewis burned last month in a spectacular three alarm fire. Tulsa Public Schools Project Director Bob Labass says not all of the building will be trashed.

Bob Labass:“We will be saving the cast stone that is in the entrance of the building. We have spoken to the Tulsa Historical Society and they would like the name and date. And, we will be saving the other arch piece.”

They will also save a pallet of bricks from the school that will be made available to alumni and supporters.

Bob Labass:“We put in the contract that a pallet of bricks would be secured for people that want them. We are going to have to develop some sort of system to allocate those. They will have to be cleaned before we can let them out.”

Barnard was closed by the Project School House consolidation effort last May. The Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences was using the facility when the fire broke out. It has since relocated to another facility.