Barnard Elementary School Demolition

Oct 11, 2012

You can see a video of the demolition effort by clicking here

The walls of the old Barnard Elementary school came tumbling down today. The school burned down in a three alarm blaze last month and D-T Specialized Services are in charge of clearing the way. The demolition at the 17th and Lewis school site will take several months, says Company President David McAfee.

“The abatement process should take some of the neighborhood of twelve days. The demolition is scheduled to have roughly 40 to 45 overall,” says McAfee.

Most of the building can be recycled excluding the damaged materials such as debris and wood affected by the fire. The materials that the school was built from such as steel, brick, and mortar will all be recycled.

McAfee says, “All the masonry unites will be recycled. All of the steel ferrous and nonferrous will be recycled. All of the concrete will go back to our yard to be crushed and recycled. Basically the only stuff is the fire damaged wood debris and stuff like that, that will have to go to a licensed landfill.”

Barnard closed last year under the Tulsa Public School’s Project School house consolidation process. The Tulsa School for Arts and Sciences was using the facility at the time of the fire, but has since moved to a different location. The cause of the fire was ruled accidental.