Barage Traffic Ends Year Up

Tulsa, OK – Total shipping figures for the month of December were the highest seen all year, and helped push the annual total for 2011 to more than 2.1 million tons.

Total waterway shipping through the Port in December was 260,924 tons, carried in 137 barges. Higher volumes for the month were realized due to substantial increases in outbound shipments of wheat, petroleum products and asphalt. The second highest barge shipping month for the year was in January when 228,604 tons were shipped through the Port.

For the entire year of 2011, a total of 2,160,624 tons of cargo in 1,249 barges were shipped through the Tulsa Port of Catoosa. Once again, the Port topped the two million ton annual barge shipping volume. As the graph illustrates, the Port has, except for 2005, realized annual average barge shipping volumes of over two million tons per year over the past ten years.