Baby Veronica: What About the Child?

Jul 19, 2013

One of the Family and Children's Service outreach locations in Tulsa.
Credit F&C Services

The court room tug of war over Oklahoma's Baby Veronica could be taking a toll on the child’s well being. Christine Marsh is the director of Trauma Services for Tulsa’s Family and Children's Services. She says the first years of life are where children learn about relationships and trust.

CHRISTINE MARSH: “It can potentially put a lot of stress on a child in their formative years. Not knowing who their primary attachment figure is, or if that primary attachment figure changes during the first three-to-five years of life, when they are really developmentally maximizing those attachments.”

The child was put up for adoption by her mother,  her Oklahoma father stepped in just as a South Carolina couple was completing the adoption process. The child has lived with her dad at Nowata, as well as with the South Carolina couple.

Marsh was speaking in generalities. She has not seen Baby Veronica is a professional sitting.