AUDIO: Dorman Releases Education Plan in Tulsa

Aug 18, 2014

Dorman met with the Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association over the weekend.
Credit Joe Dorman

Joe Dorman, Democratic nominee for Governor, announced his plan to create rigorous Oklahoma-based, age appropriate academic standards as the third part of his "Classrooms First" ​proposal for the state’s education system.

JOE DORMAN: “Over the past fours years, Mary Fallin has forced one size fits all standards on our state, with no input from those in Oklahoma classrooms. This has been disastrous for Oklahoma’s education system."

Dorman unveiled phases one and two of ​his ​"Classrooms First"​ plan​ last month. The first phase proposed increasing per pupil spending above current state levels using a dedicated revenue stream ​from the franchise tax while protecting against arbitrary cuts. The second phase replaces the use of standardized testing with the ACT and increases remediation and tutoring for students struggling at all levels. 

JOE DORMAN: “For the third phase of my Classrooms First plan, I am proposing a system that will involve participation by parents, educators, students and administrators. Together, we will develop rigorous, but developmentally appropriate and workable standards that reflect Oklahoma values.”

Dorman said he will create a Blue Ribbon Commission to craft these new standards. The Commission will consist of teachers, parents, principals, superintendents, school board members and Oklahoma college education professors. These Oklahomans will represent the different schools, communities and regions throughout the state. This includes urban, suburban and rural educators, elementary through high school teachers, and both gifted and special needs educators.