Attorney Says Trash Board Limited to Burning by Contract

Aug 8, 2014

The TARE board attorney says their current contract requires green waste be taken to Covanta's waste-to-energy plant.
Credit Covanta

Using the city’s current trash hauler to pick up green waste would mean it goes to the incinerator.

Trash board attorney Stephen Schuller told city councilors it’s in the contract with NeWSolutions.

"It requires that all of the residential solid waste and the green waste be transported to Covanta," Schuller said. "TARE is obligated by contract to deliver to Covanta all of the green waste that it collects. That's just what the contract says."

City Councilor Karen Gilbert and Tulsa’s trash board continue to butt heads over the future of the city green waste program.

Earlier this week, the board decided to ask for bids on hauling green waste to the incinerator. Gilbert asked TARE board Vice Chair Paul White about the cost.

"Do you guys have cost savings on — the cost savings between mulching and burning?" Gilbert said.

"I don't have those," White said. "That's part of the request for bid. We'll see what those look like."

Gilbert chaired the city’s green waste task force, which recommended maintaining a separate green waste stream. White said the TARE board will share those numbers with city councilors once bids are submitted.