ATJ Spins Various Jazz Sides Listed in the National Recording Registry

Dec 26, 2012

Happy New Year, everyone.

On this "encore edition" of All This Jazz, we're listening back to a program that first aired in early June of this year. It's a show for which our second-hour theme had an especially historical bent, for said theme was "Jazz Music Listed in the National Recording Registry."

This registry is an ongoing listing, created and maintained by the Library of Congress (and inaugurated about ten years ago), of sound recordings --- not just albums and singles across a range of musical genres, but also radio announcements, recorded speeches, "live music" pieces, music-box ditties, and the like.

Each year, the registry names another 25 recordings to be preserved for eternity; there are now well over 300 recordings in this listing. It's an interesting and quite varied catalogue; just FYI, you can see the full listing here. (Also FYI, at this link you'll find a very nice series of documentaries --- as heard on the ever-terrific public radio show, Studio 360 --- profiling several of the recordings in the National Recording Registry.)

So --- whether you're a history buff or a jazz fan (or both!) --- please join us for All This Jazz on Saturday the 29th on Public Radio 89.5-1, beginning at 10pm Central, when we'll hear from the likes of Ramsey Lewis, John McLaughlin, Kenny Garrett, Stan Kenton (pictured herewith), Mary Lou Williams, The Boswell Sisters, Miles Davis, David Gibson, Ingrid Jensen, and Vince Guaraldi.

The past swings! You heard it here first!