The Art of Sweetness: A Conversation with Pastry Chef Joanne Chang (Encore Presentation)

Tulsa, OK – (Note: This interview originally aired last year.) Pastry chef Joanne Chang, the chef-owner of Boston's celebrated Flour Bakery + Cafe, shares some recipes on today's ST. She also talks about her transition from the world of business to the world of sweets and treats. A former Tulsan, Chang was a Harvard graduate in applied math and economics when she decided to pursue a career in the kitchen rather than the boardroom. Her first book, "Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston's Flour Bakery + Cafe," features more than 150 of her most popular recipes --- including the sticky buns that bested celebrity chef Bobby Flay on his popular Food Network program, "Throwdown." Chang was a guest of Book Smart Tulsa earlier this week.