Area Super Calls Proposed Education Budget Inadequate

May 6, 2013

Liberty School Superintendent Donna Campo
Credit State House/KWGS

The $74-million in new funding being proposed for education in Oklahoma is but a drop in the bucket says one local educator. Liberty Superintendent Donna Campo says the new funding doesn’t come close to making up past cuts.

DONNA CAMPO: “Total appropriations since 2009 are down, $198-million, with over 31,000 new students. $117-million is needed for level funding in FY 2014.”

She says if Governor Fallin really wants to improve Oklahoma business conditions, she would focus on improving the education of the future work force. She says Governor Fallin’s priorities are all wrong.

DONNA CAMPO: “ Governor Fallin’s political platform revolves around growing business in Oklahoma. To do this, she has pressed for capital improvement legislation that would improve infrastructure like roads and bridges. Our children are our road to the future and the prosperity in Oklahoma.”