Appearing at the Tulsa PAC's SummerStage Festival: "Aha!"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this installment of our show, we hear all about a multidisciplinary performance --- called simply "Aha!" --- which will be presented as part of the Tulsa PAC Trust's SummerStage 2011 Festival. "Aha!" opens tonight (Wednesday the 29th) and runs through Saturday night (July 2nd) in the PAC's Charles E. Norman Theatre. (For more information about this show, including ticket details, please visit As we learn on today's ST, "Aha!" is about inspiration, discovery, creativity, and "first moments" of various kinds. It's also quite the family affair --- meaning, it's a show that draws on the combined talents of the playwright, poet, lyricist, and performer Michael Wright; his son (the poet and musician) Eli Wright; his daughter (the artist and designer) Hannah Wright; and (the local writer and film student) Cameron Buckley (who's also Hannah's boyfriend). Also on today's program, we hear from our commentators Mark Darrah (on the subject of regional accents and speech patterns --- and how they're judged by outsiders) and Ian Shoales (who's wondering about recent developments regarding the specially-made drugs used in lethal injections in this country).