Anti-Vision 2 Group Speaks Out

Oct 8, 2012


Citizens for a Better Vision gathered in front of City Hall Monday afternoon to speak out against Vision 2.

The organization is opposed to both the economic development at the airport and quality of life proposals included in the Vision 2 sales tax extension.

Organizer Ronda Vuillemont-Smith called Vision 2 a “boondoggle, that is too rushed, too much, too soon, too sloppy and too vague.”

Click above to hear other voices from today’s news conference.

In response to the news conference, Vision 2 Co-Chair Don Walker issued a statement expressing his disappointment, and saying that the current opposition actually has little to do with Vision 2, and instead “has become a platform for historic naysayers.”

“It’s sad to me that personal politics has caused these folks to jeopardize thousands of Tulsa County jobs, put our public safety at risk, and stop much needed improvements to our county's infrastructure,” he said.