Answers in Son's Disappearance Too Late for Mother

Sep 21, 2013

Credit Foss Lake Association

SAYRE, Okla. (AP) — Answers are coming too late for an Oklahoma woman whose teenage son vanished in 1970.

Pearl Guzman always hoped her son would come home after he and two classmates disappeared, along with one of the teens' cars. Her daughters say she was distraught and insisted on staying in the small Oklahoma town of Sayre for years even though the case quickly went cold.

This week, a rusted 1969 Camaro with skeletal remains inside was pulled from a local lake. The local sheriff is confident it's the car the teens were traveling in when they disappeared and the remains of the long-missing teenagers.

But Guzman died in 2010. Her daughters say she was still heartbroken, never knowing what had happened to her 18-year-old son, Thomas.