Another Shaker Felt in Tulsa

Dec 16, 2013

USGS Map of this morning's quake.
Credit USGS Map

The ground shook in Tulsa this morning. Shortly after 9am there was a four-point-two earthquake.

However, this was not one of our nearly commonplace  "Oklahoma quakes." This shaker was just across the border, in Kansas, north of Enid.  Seismologists say that area is becoming active. There have been numerous quakes in recent weeks between Enid and Wichita.

Earthquake swarms are not uncommon. But these quakes, and those recently in the Edmond area, have been happening in more populated areas. That means more people are feeling and reporting the quakes.

This morning's earthquake was felt at the National Weather Service Office on East 11th Street in Tulsa.  Others in some downtown high-rise buildings also reported feeling the quake.