Andrew Harvey and the Idea of Sacred Activism

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this installment of StudioTulsa, we speak with the noted mystical scholar and spiritual author Andrew Harvey. Tomorrow, Saturday the 6th, Harvey will present a day-long workshop at Fellowship Congregational Church called "Sacred Activism: A Vision for Action in a World Gone Slightly Mad." (The church is located at 2900 South Harvard Avenue in Tulsa; more information can be found on the web at As Harvey tells us on today's show --- and as he describes in his new book, "The Hope" --- "sacred activism" really comes down to combining, or at least trying to combine, two different impulses / attitudes / worldviews within one's own self: namely, the "sacred" impulse (as concerned with mysticism, the divine, holy beliefs, etc.) and the "activist" impulse (as concerned with social justice, peace, community, etc.). Also, in related news that's just been announced: On Sunday the 7th, at 1:30pm, at Tulsa's Circle Cinema, there will be a screening of the documentary film, "Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action" --- and a Q&A with Harvey will follow the screening.