Amber/Silver Alert Center

Tulsa, OK – The Tulsa Police Department has just opened their new Amber/Silver Alert Operations Center. The center was primarily set up for use during an Amber Alert or Silver Alert, but is multi functional in design allowing the department to utilize it during any emergency operation.

Until now the department was utilizing the Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency EOC to manage Amber Alerts and other emergencies. The new center was designed for the Police Departments primary use. The new Amber/Silver Alert Operations Center can monitor and record all four local news broadcasts simultaneously and monitor multiple police radio frequencies. It contains a smart board for street mapping, phone bank, and multiple computers for dispatching, tracking, and research during an event.

The TPD's Child Exploitation Unit will be working to grow the center as new technologies and innovations become available to aid in the recovery of a missing or abducted child or endangered elderly.