Alan Furst: A Spy Novelist Who Writes Literature

Tulsa, OK – Today, we offer a conversation with the winner of the Tulsa Library Trust's 2011 Peggy Helmerich Award, Alan Furst. Furst is the author of eleven highly acclaimed spy novels. These works --- which comprise his "Night Soldiers" series --- often focus on little-known or little-remembered facets of the origins (or the historical margins) of World War II. Many critics believe that Furst's books are more than just works of genre fiction --- that they are, indeed, more akin to fine literature. The latest book in the "Night Soldiers" series is "Spies of the Balkans." It's set against the impending invasion of Greece by Nazi Germany. Each book in Furst's series tackles a different part of the "great game" that spanned throughout WWII-era Europe.