al Qaeda in Yemen - Newshour Special Edition

Public Radio Tulsa – The links between the Christmas Day Detroit bomb plot and al Qaeda in Yemen are causing further problems for President Obama as he decides what to do about Guantanamo Bay. The U.S. has repatriated hundreds of detainees from the American facility in Cuba, but about two hundred remain, many of them from Yemen.

While the President has pledged to close down the prison, he announced this week that there would be no more transfers of Yemeni prisoners for the time being. While some released Saudi and Yemeni prisoners have joined the jihad, others have been successfully reintegrated into society.

So is the problem with the prison or the prisoners? How many of those already released joined the struggle, and what should happen to those that remain? Listen to Newshour this Saturday, 9th January 9th at 6:00 am with Lyse Doucet on World Radio 88.7 HD3 when we ask - 'Has Guantanamo become an incubator for terrorism?'

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