Ads Appearing Someday on City Property? Could Tulsa Be Ready for "Muni-Marketing"?

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this edition of StudioTulsa, we hear from Mike Bunney, the City's Economic Development Director. Bunney tells us about his recent efforts, in collaboration with City Councilors G.T. Bynum and Chris Trail, to draft a proposal requesting the hiring of a "muni-marketing" firm by the City of Tulsa (as in, "municipal marketing"). Such a firm, upon being hired, would advise Tulsa on the possible marketing opportunities associated with our various public assets. Given today's tough economic climate, this could lead to some fairly significant --- and reliable, and maybe even recession-proof --- revenue for the City. Speaking theoretically, such marketing could foster money-generating advertisements on everything from trash cans to parking garages, as Bunney says on our show today --- or from recreational centers to bus-station benches. Also on our program, commentator Mark Darrah describes the Heavener Runestone --- an inscribed stone (of mysterious origin?) located in Heavener, Oklahoma, atop Poteau Mountain. In doing so, Mark also describes a certain Viking who may or may not have carved some symbols / letters / markings into this stone many centuries ago.