4th of July-Oklahoma Prepares

Tulsa, OK – With many people traveling this holiday weekend, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation has provided KWGS with the following information on road related problems in the Tulsa area:

Tulsa Metro

US-75/US-64/SH-51 narrows, ramps close on south and east legs of Inner Dispersal Loop
Drivers can expect the following closures from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily, and again from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily (except for July 3-5) for surface repairs:
Various lane closures on east and westbound US-75/US-64/SH-51 between I-244 and US-75 (south leg of the IDL), and on north and southbound US-75 between the US-64/SH-51 junction and the I-244 junction (east leg of the IDL)
The westbound US-75/US-64/SH-51 on-ramp from Denver Ave.
The eastbound US-64/SH-51 off-ramp to northbound US-75 (SE corner of the IDL)
The eastbound I-244 off-ramp to eastbound US-64/SH-51 (SW corner of the IDL)
The eastbound US-64/SH-51 on-ramp from Houston Ave.

I-244 lanes narrowed, ramps closed at US-169 junction
The two left lanes of westbound I-244 are closed between the US-169 junction and the SH-11 junction until further notice for bridge repairs. The following ramp closures are in place:
The westbound I-244 off-ramp to southbound US-169
The right lane of the northbound US-169 off-ramp to westbound I-244
The westbound I-244 on-ramp from Mingo Rd.

I-44 ramps, access road closed at Riverside Dr.
The westbound I-44 off-ramp to Riverside Dr. is closed until further notice, as part of the I-44 widening project. Also, the westbound I-44 on-ramp from Riverside Dr. is closed. Additionally, E. Skelly Dr. (access road north of I-44) is closed between Newport Ave. and Riverside Dr. as part of this project.