47 Meth-Related Arrest Warrants Issued in Tulsa

Apr 5, 2013

Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris holds up a gun seized during the course of the investigation. U.S. Attorney Danny Williams, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Director Darrell Weaver and Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan listen as Harris explains the trafficking problem.
Credit KWGS News

On the heels of a large number of meth-trafficking related arrests in Oklahoma City earlier this week, investigators shut down a major methamphetamine pipeline in Tulsa.

The two cases aren’t related, but U.S. Attorney for Oklahoma’s Northern District Danny Williams says it’s indicative of a larger trend.

“What we’re seeing at the federal level is, we’re not talking about the shake-and-bake,” Williams said. “We’re talking about multi-pounds, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of meth. It is big-time business.”

The primary targets in the investigation had ties to Mexican cartel activities.

Officials issued three search and 47 arrest warrants Friday morning in the case.

The traffickers are alleged to have shipped as much as 260 pounds of meth from Mexico into Tulsa over the past four years.