A 4-Day Week for Prue Schools

Prue, OK – Prue schools go to 4-day week

PRUE, Okla. (AP) Students in the Prue School District in Osage County are getting an extra day off in exchange for longer school days.

The school with about 300 students has gone to a four-day week in an effort to save money. Prue added an hour and 38 minutes of class time to each day to meet the 1,080 instructional hours required by the state.

Superintendent Tom Scully says the change is saving the district in transportation costs and on utilities. He believes it could save as much as 10 to 15 percent.

Teachers say they like having more class time each day to work with her students and Fridays free for grading and planning.


Information from: KOTV-TV, http://www.newson6.com

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