1st District Candidates Profile: The Economy

Oct 8, 2012

Tulsa will have a new congressman come January. Three men will be on the ballot next month seeking the job.

This morning, we hear from all three and their take on the economic problems facing the nation. The first to speak is Jim Bridenstine, the Republican candidate. He wants to get a handle federal spending.

Bridenstine: “The anchor around the neck of our economy is the debt and the deficit. We are now, for the first time in American History, we are creating new money to buy the bonds to fund the government. We are hurting the U.S. dollar in the so doing.

The Democratic Candidate is John Olson. He has a different approach.

Olson: “We have a deficit problem in this nation and we are not going to be able cut our way out of it. We also need to invest where it makes sense. If you buy $150,000 house and pay it over 30-years, no body says you are running a $150,000 deficit. They say you are making an investing in the future.”

There is also an independent candidate on the ballot. He is Craig Allen. He is calling what he calls a common sense approach to the nation’s fiscal problems.

Allen: “The CBO says 40% of the tax dollars are wasted. We don’t have to raise taxes if we find out where the waste is.  We can use that money for other things, like education.”

You decide who is right, four weeks from tomorrow.