1st Day of School

Tulsa, OK – Today is first day of school at Tulsa's five continuous learning schools: Chouteau, Eugene Fields, Mark Twain, Marshall and Kendall-Whittier.

At the helm at Kendall-Whittier is Principal Judy Feary. On the first day of school she is a busy lady. This school year, with the state budget cuts, the class sizes at Kendall-Whittier are larger. The school lost two teachers in the cuts.
Kendall Whittier is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tulsa. It is also one of the poorest. That also poses its own set of problems. Principal Feary says parents are very involved with the school, but money is in short supply. She says nutrition is a problem along with the lack of school supplies. The school also has lots of community support, especially from its neighbor up the street, The University of Tulsa. TU has adopted Kendall-Whittier.

Schools on the continuous learning schedule are in class for the same number of instructional days as traditional schools in Tulsa, but breaks are different. CLS schools have a two week spring and fall break, a three week winter break and a seven week summer vacation. Schools on the traditional calendar will begin later this month of the 23rd.