100 Years of Camp Fire USA

Tulsa, Oklahoma – With origins that date back to 1910, the organization known as Camp Fire USA has for generations offered inclusive youth-development programs in hundreds of communities throughout the nation. Today on StudioTulsa, we pay tribute to Camp Fire by way of a conversation with Bobbie Henderson, Executive Director of Camp Fire USA's Green Country Council, which is based in Tulsa, and which now serves some 2,500 boys and girls aged three to 18 (and their families). As Henderson tells our host Rich Fisher, some special events are planned to mark Camp Fire USA's 100th birthday --- events that are happening in Tulsa (such as an exhibit on display at the Tulsa Historical Society through the end of this year) as well as nationwide (such as a coast-to-coast Centennial Campfire celebration scheduled for Saturday the 31st). (For more information, please go to www.tulsacampfire.org.) Also on today's show, commentator Barry Friedman has some observations and asides to offer regarding the ongoing revitalization of Downtown Tulsa.