$10-Million Budget Amendment Passes-But Sparks Fly

Tulsa, OK – The Tulsa City Council approves a 10-million dollar budget balancing amendment, but sparks fly. Councilor Jack Henderson objected to being labeled a member of "gang of five" for blocking passage last week. A majority of the council voted against the measure last Thursday. Councilor Jack Henderson objected to the term and defended his vote.

Council Chair Rick Wescott made the comment in an interview with the Tulsa World. Westcott apologized for make the comments to the reporter prior to discussing it with the council members. But, he stood by his overall comments.

Councilor GT Bynum was also one of those that made the comments. He says he was frustrated that a block of council members made decision made without discussion.

After a lengthy discussion with the finance department, the council voted 7-to-1 for the amendment, with an understanding that no funds would be used to demolish park facilities.

Councilor Henderson voted against the measure. Councilor John Eagleton was not at the meeting.