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Marshall Stewart

Public Radio 89.5-1 Reporter & All Things Considered anchor

Marshall Stewart comes to KWGS after more than 30 years in radio news. He’s been an anchor, editor, producer, and reporter with a focus on government stories. He’s the recipient of numerous state awards and a 2006 Edward R. Murrow national award.

The Air Force veteran is a Ponca City native and Oklahoma State University alum and the proud father of three children and granddad to three granddaughters.


Local & Regional
11:13 am
Fri May 11, 2012

New poll on tax cuts shows opposition if schools and safety affected

KWGS News File Photo

Advocates of cutting the state income tax quote polls showing a majority of Oklahomans favor the reductions. But a new poll released by the Oklahoma Advocacy Project shows the opposite is true, if it would mean less funding for schools, roads, and public safety.

David Blatt with the Oklahoma Policy Institute says the poll also shows many voters oppose paying for the cut by eliminating popular tax credit programs, as proposed by the Governor and legislative leaders.

Local & Regional
12:06 pm
Wed May 9, 2012

American Airlines union members to vote on 'last, best offer'

Tulsa American Airlines union leaders urge members to vote on a ‘last best contract’ offer, but refuse to take a stand and encourage a vote up or down. Transport Workers Union negotiator John Hewitt calls it a concessionary contract, which means pay cuts and benefit losses no matter which way the vote goes.

Hewitt says, on the positive side, a yes vote would save about 13-hundred jobs in Tulsa. A no vote would give the bankruptcy court authority to terminate the current contract and the company would then impose new terms. Voting starts tomorrow and continues through Monday.

Local & Regional
10:15 am
Tue May 8, 2012

Tulsa's Blue Dome District is also the focus of a Rebirth

There are millions of dollars in projects going on in downtown Tulsa. Most of them are in the Brady Arts District, but next door, the Blue Dome area is seeing its’ share. Only blocks from OneOk Ballpark, a loft project that will include S and J Oyster Bar and Café on the ground floor is underway. Developer Michael Sager admits it’s been a challenge….he’s months behind on the loft work, but the restaurant should open soon. He calls it an example of how the heart of the city is being reborn.

Local & Regional
1:26 pm
Mon May 7, 2012

Tulsa Courthouse security renovations to begin soon

A meeting will be held this week to finalize plans for upgrading security and entrances to the Tulsa County Courthouse. Plans are to boost security, improve traffic flow into the Courts, and make entrances conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Commissioners’ Chief Deputy Mark Liotta says a meeting with contractors is planned later this week. Work should begin soon and is expected to be complete by the end of the year. The courthouse entrance renovation will cost about a million dollars.

Local & Regional
11:37 am
Fri May 4, 2012

A Canadian company reapplies for the XL Pipeline permit

File Photo

(A-P Washington, D.C.)-A Canadian company that wants to build the disputed Keystone XL pipeline in the U.S. has submitted a new application for the project. The route has been changed to avoid environmentally sensitive land in Nebraska.

TransCanada filed a new application today for the project to carry oil from western Canada to Nebraska and then link up with other pipelines to carry oil to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast. The southern part of the route passes through Oklahoma.

Local & Regional
3:07 pm
Thu May 3, 2012

U-N expert comes to Tulsa University to hear from tribal leaders

James Anaya at T-U

A special representative of the United Nations comes to Tulsa University to hear concerns of Native Americans. James Anaya is an independent expert designated by the U-N to report on the rights of indigenous people. He heard from a myriad of tribal leaders on issues from water rights and gaming to domestic violence and fears the Keystone Pipeline will disturb sacred grounds.

Several tribal leaders asked for a seat at the United Nations representing indigenous people. Anaya will file a report on what he’s learned with the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Local & Regional
1:10 pm
Wed May 2, 2012

Summertime temps mean danger for kids left in cars

Safety and medical experts at St. Francis

With the arrival of summertime heat, you’re reminded to never leave your child or pet in the car alone. Safety officials and medical professionals remind you summertime heat poses a deadly hazard to children or pets left in automobiles. Dr. Phil Barton with the children’s hospital at St. Francis says it doesn’t take 100 degree temperatures outside to pose a danger. He says cars heat up quickly even when the outside temperature is 75 or 80 degrees.

Local & Regional
2:22 pm
Mon April 30, 2012

Medical Interpreters meet in Tulsa


Interpreters who help doctors communicate with patients who don’t speak English convene in Tulsa. When it’s a life or death medical situation, communication is important. Sometimes it’s an English speaking doctor and a foreign language patient. That’s where medical interpreters come in. Louis Provenzano is President of Language Line Services…a phone network with interpreters covering more than 170 languages and dialects. He says the translators undergo about two years of training to become proficient in a language and medical terminology.

Local & Regional
2:26 pm
Fri April 27, 2012

Hundreds attend a summit on how to make Tulsa better

KWGS News photo

To keep Tulsa vital, organizers of a summit on the city’s future say there must be more of an effort to keep and attract young people. Members of Tulsa’s Young Professionals took part in today’s EnVision Summit to kick around ideas on how to make the region a better place to live, work, and play. One of those young professionals is Janae Castell, who says she’d like to see the city use its’ positives to become a draw for young families.

Castell mentions the Arkansas River as an asset that should be more fully developed in order to help make Tulsa shine.

Local & Regional
12:29 pm
Wed April 25, 2012

Tulsa REGIONAL Day at the State Capitol. KWGS is there.

Tulsa Regional Day at the State Capitol
KWGS News Photo

There is a month left in the legislative session and Tulsa leaders go to the state capitol to lobby for regional priorities.

There are six items on the list for action wanted by business, education and civic leaders in the area. At the top, education funding, health care expansion and transportation infrastructure dollars.

It is hoped the regional approach will work in directing more money for needs in the Tulsa area.

The Tulsa delegation heard from Governor Fallin and other state leaders.