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Marshall Stewart comes to KWGS after more than 30 years in radio news. He’s been an anchor, editor, producer, and reporter with a focus on government stories. He’s the recipient of numerous state awards and a 2006 Edward R. Murrow national award.

The Air Force veteran is a Ponca City native and Oklahoma State University alum and the proud father of three children and granddad to three granddaughters.


Local & Regional
12:42 pm
Mon July 14, 2014

Community Corrections Supervisors Honored

Pretrial, Probation, and Parole Professionals
Credit KWGS News

Those who help keep criminal offenders out of jail or prison through a variety of pretrial, probation, and parole programs are recognized. An official proclamation honors those who are in charge of people on community supervision. Sherri Carrier is County Court Services Director. She says they’re responsible for helping people get on the right path and stay there by helping them find jobs, housing, treatment, and support.

In times of tight budgets and jail overcrowding, Tulsa County leaders say the pretrial, probation, and parole programs are more important than ever.

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Local & Regional
11:32 am
Thu July 10, 2014

West Nile Virus in Oklahoma

First case of West Nile Virus confirmed in Oklahoma.

The first West Nile case in Oklahoma this year has been confirmed in Major County. So far there are no reported infections in Tulsa County, but it is very early in the season. Kaitlin Snider with the Tulsa Health Department says testing will continue for several months.

People are encouraged to take precautions to reduce the risk of contracting West Nile, a mosquito-borne illness. Many people don’t even know when they’ve been infected, but in some, the disease can be extremely serious.

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Local & Regional
2:06 pm
Mon July 7, 2014

New Deputies for Tulsa County

New Deputies join Tulsa Sheriff's force.
Credit Tulsa County Sheriff

Tulsa County gets a bunch of new deputies. More than 40 new deputies are coming on board, and most of them have just completed a four week jail academy. Sheriff Stanley Glanz says that will relieve some of the mandatory overtime seen at the Moss Justice Center recently.

In addition, 12 new deputies are being sworn-in this afternoon and they will begin work in the field immediately.

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Local & Regional
11:52 am
Mon June 30, 2014

Architect Contract for Jail Expansion Delayed Until Next Week

An architect's contract for jail expansion won't be awarded until at least next week.
Credit Tulsa Jail

Awarding a bid for an architect to design expansion of the Tulsa jail is taking longer than anticipated. The contract has been delayed about three times while a firm is decided upon by a committee studying bids. Sheriff Stanley Glanz says there were problems when a contract was awarded first time around when the lockup was originally built, and he wants to be sure the right firm is chosen this time.

He says a contract should be awarded next Monday, still in time to begin construction late this summer or in early fall.

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Local & Regional
11:54 am
Fri June 27, 2014

A Task Force Will Take on Parks Consolidation

LaFortune Park is currently a county facility.
Credit Tulsa County Parks

More than 20 years ago, a study group recommended consolidating Tulsa city and county parks, but nothing came of it. Now a new task force will take on the same task. It will be led by Don Walker, who sees some positive possibilities. He believes some money, not a lot, can be saved, but there would be efficiencies and other benefits to the public from a combined park system.

Walker points to other successful collaborations between the city and county including the Health Department and the Library.

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Local & Regional
11:26 am
Wed June 25, 2014

Political Signs Must Be Removed

Signs must come down within a week.
Credit KWGS News Photo

In advance of this week’s primary, political signs popped up everywhere, some in the right of way, some in yards and elsewhere. Bob Bledsoe with the city of Tulsa says candidates, even those still alive in the August runoff, only have a week to get the signs removed.

Since the runoff is more than 45 days away, signs may not be left out through that election. They must be taken down, and cannot be replaced until 45 days in advance of the August 26th runoff.

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Local & Regional
7:06 pm
Tue June 24, 2014

Crackdown in Tulsa Construction Zones

Mayor Bartlett discusses the work zone crackdown
Credit KWGE News

Earlier this year, two men working on traffic signals on 71st street were struck and killed by a driver believed to be under the influence of drugs. This past weekend, a Tulsa city worker directing traffic around a broken water line was struck and severely injured by a hit and run driver.

Enough, say city leaders. More officers are being added to patrols near work zones. Chief Chuck Jordan says motorcycle units will patrol work zone areas and there will be no tolerance.                    

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Local & Regional
2:24 pm
Mon June 23, 2014

Christmas Is Back in the Christmas Parade

Paul Ross announces his company, American Waste Control, will sponsor the 2014 downtown Tulsa Christmas parade.
Credit KWGS News

A new name, with Christmas included, and a new sponsor bring a unified downtown yuletide parade for Tulsa this year. For the past several years, dropping the word Christmas from the downtown event caused a split that resulted in two separate parades, one downtown, one at Tulsa Hills. This year there will be only one parade. Paul Ross is with American Waste Control, the new sponsor. He says this year's parade will officially be known as the 2014 American Waste Control Christmas Parade in Downtown.

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Local & Regional
11:21 am
Fri June 20, 2014

Tulsa Runway Lights Fail a Second Time

Runway light problems at TIA.
Credit Tulsa International Airport

The runway lights at Tulsa’s major airport fail again last night. It’s the second time this week, but Daniel Meier with Tulsa International says this time a staff electrician was on stand-by, just in case, so the problem was resolved in just a matter of minutes. He says the failure was traced to a new monitoring system.

Meier says no planes had to be diverted and any delays were minimal.

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Local & Regional
11:36 am
Thu June 19, 2014

Early In-Person Absentee Voting Underway

Early voting begins.
Credit KWGS News

There’s been a steady stream of early absentee voters at the Tulsa County Election Board and the Hardesty Library satellite location today. Early voting in advance of next Tuesday’s primary is allowed at both sites today, tomorrow, and Saturday, according to Board Secretary Patty Bryant.

The Election Board is at 555 North Denver Avenue, Hardesty Library is on 93rd Street just east of Memorial Drive. Hours at both locations are until 6pm today, 8am to 6pm tomorrow, and 9am until 2pm Saturday.

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