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Marshall Stewart comes to KWGS after more than 30 years in radio news. He’s been an anchor, editor, producer, and reporter with a focus on government stories. He’s the recipient of numerous state awards and a 2006 Edward R. Murrow national award.

The Air Force veteran is a Ponca City native and Oklahoma State University alum and the proud father of three children and granddad to three granddaughters.

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Consumer Energy Alliance

Stillwater leaders are considering new rules on energy production inside city limits. Recent earthquakes and potential damage to the environment has prompted a proposal to implement a 22-hundred foot setback. It’s led to a backlash by those who say that would ban any energy production in the city. David Holt is President of Consumer Energy Alliance. He says any such regulations must be balanced, and a setback that large is effectively a ban.

The Alliance proposes a task force that takes into account those on both sides of the issue…environmental groups and business interests.

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With the fatal shooting of a suspect by a reserve Tulsa County deputy, the national attention has resulted in mix-ups with some media confusing the sheriff’s office with the Tulsa Police Department. Mayor Dewey Bartlett wants everyone to know they are separate agencies, and police had nothing to do with the sting operation that ended with the shooting. He says there have been several calls to his office from people, including national media, thinking it is a police officer involved and not realizing the difference between the two departments.


An Aerospace Academy has been formed to give Tulsa area high school students an education in aviation, technology, and related fields. It will help meet needs of the aerospace industry and groups like the Air Guard. Colonel David Burgy is Commander of the 138th Fighter Wing. He says programs like the Academy will give students a head start to meet the rapidly advancing technology of the aerospace industry.

The Academy is the result of efforts by the city, aerospace industry, and educational leaders. The program begins this fall at the Tulsa Tech Riverside campus in Jenks.

Oklahoma Watch

Not much time is left to file your taxes if you haven’t done so yet. Paula Ross, Communications Director for the State Tax Commission, says you are urged to file electronically if possible. It can you help you avoid math mistakes, and she says it will also give you a little more time. If you file  on-line you have until April 20th, instead of just the 15th.

Ross says if you have any questions about state returns, you may go to the commission’s website…

Tulsa County

In his first comments on the fatal shooting of a man by a reserve deputy, Tulsa Sheriff Stanley Glanz calls it unintentional and an error. Beyond that, the Sheriff will only say the investigation by his office has been turned over to the District Attorney. He says the investigation conducted for his office shows procedures and policies were followed. He says his office always conducts a review after any officer involved shooting. Glanz admits the deputy involved, Bob Bates, is a long-time friend, but he says that hasn’t meant any special treatment.

Okmulgee Airport

A deal is in the works between the Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust and Okmulgee Regional. The Trust would manage the Okmulgee Airport and in return, Tulsa would get a site to expand regional airport service. Jeff Hough is Deputy Airports Director with the Trust. He says Jones-Riverside is at capacity with no space to expand, and Okmulgee can provide that space. He says the city of Okmulgee would benefit by the economic development airport expansion would bring.

If all the details can be worked out, a deal would likely take effect July 1st.

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We should know later this month whether lawmakers will pass a measure against texting while driving this year. Chuck Mai with Triple-A Oklahoma says the proposal has gone further this year than in the past. Supporters had hoped for a stronger measure making texting a primary driving offense, but the law being considered only lists it as a secondary offense. It means a law officer could only ticket a driver if stopped for a primary offense like speeding. Also, the maximum fine is only up to $100.


A five year old boy is accidentally backed over by a neighbor’s car and killed. It happened in a neighborhood near 48th Street North and Elwood. Police are calling it a tragic accident, they say the driver didn’t see the boy. Tulsa Public Schools Spokesman Chris Payne says the youngster was a student at the Bunche Early Childhood Education Center.

He says grief counselors will be made available, but only if parents request it. He says with children as young as the victims’ classmates, it’s best not to be too pro-active, and let parents decide the level of comfort needed.

Robyn Cagle

FEMA says no to  individual assistance for Tulsa County tornado victims, but a state group is looking at human service needs. Tulsa Area Emergency Manager Roger Joliffe says this would be separate from what the federal government might provide. Small Business Administration assistance is still being sought. The Long Term Recovery Committee will be led by the State Emergency Management Agency and will include agencies like the Red Cross.                                  

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Tulsa County applies for a grant to help reduce the jail population by developing more community based alternatives. Sheriff’s Governmental Affairs Director Terry Simonson says the MacArthur Foundation will choose 20 semifinalists to come up with a plan.

Applications are due the end of this month. In December, 10 finalists will be chosen to receive at least two million dollars a year for two years to implement the plan.