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Marshall Stewart

Public Radio 89.5-1 Reporter & All Things Considered anchor

Marshall Stewart comes to KWGS after more than 30 years in radio news. He’s been an anchor, editor, producer, and reporter with a focus on government stories. He’s the recipient of numerous state awards and a 2006 Edward R. Murrow national award.

The Air Force veteran is a Ponca City native and Oklahoma State University alum and the proud father of three children and granddad to three granddaughters.


Local & Regional
2:44 pm
Wed July 17, 2013

What to do about Uninsured Working Oklahomans is debated at a Tulsa Health Care Forum

The Tulsa Chamber sponsors a Health Care Forum
Credit Tulsa Regional Chamber

Tulsa area Health Care Professionals meet with a couple of lawmakers to discuss insurance coverage for Oklahoma’s working poor, and there’s a call for a special session to deal with the issue. The Chamber of Commerce forum focused on the Leavitt Report and the specific issue of how can Oklahoma expand access to insurance for low income workers? Senator Brian Crain of Tulsa says it’s a difficult issue that will take input from the health care community to solve. He favors a special legislative session to deal with the question.

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Local & Regional
1:05 pm
Fri July 12, 2013

Keep Pets Safe in Extreme Heat

Keep pets cool and watered
Credit Tulsa facebook. com

This week, nearly a half-dozen dogs in Tulsa left outside have died due to the extreme heat. Dogs cannot sweat, so they are very vulnerable to the heat. Tulsa Animal Welfare Manager Jean Letcher says some of the deaths occurred when the dogs got their chains tangled and couldn’t reach shade or water. She says it’s best to keep them inside in a temperature controlled environment if at all possible.

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Local & Regional
11:37 am
Thu July 11, 2013

Gas Prices are up Again and Egypt is the Reason Why

Gas prices jump again in Tulsa
Credit File photo

The U-S doesn’t get any oil from Egypt, but it’s political unrest in that country that is the main factor in driving up gas prices here. Chuck Mai is with Triple-A Oklahoma, and he says it’s panic over possible civil war in Egypt that is driving the jump at the pump. Tankers use the Suez Canal, which is under the control of Egypt, and worry about what might happen with the waterway is a major factor.

The price of gas in Tulsa has jumped 30 cents a gallon in less than a week, and Mai believes as long as the situation in Egypt is unsettled, prices are likely to continue rising.

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Local & Regional
1:42 pm
Wed July 10, 2013

Former Owasso City Official Pleads Not Guilty

Rodney Ray
Credit City of Owasso-Facebook

The former Owasso City Manager makes a court appearance today. In a Tulsa courtroom, Rodney Ray pleaded not guilty to a bogus check charge.

He's charged with writing a bad check and then filing a false police report about it.

Ray resigned in June following an investigation by the Owasso City Council into the matter.

Following the hearing, Rodney Ray and his attorney declined comment. His next court appearance is set August 30.

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Local & Regional
1:07 pm
Wed July 10, 2013

Federal Funds Boost Tulsa's Ability to Respond to Disaster

Oklahoma Homeland Security Director Kim Carter
Credit KWGS News

A special program provides federal funding to cities to prevent, respond to, and recover from disasters…both natural and manmade. Kim Edd Carter, Director of the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security, says the funds were used mostly to buy specialized equipment to help deal with disaster, everything from a terrorist act to tornadoes to wildfires.

Tulsa and nearby communities received almost three and a half million dollars under the Urban Area Security Initiative.

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Local & Regional
2:01 pm
Tue July 9, 2013

Tulsa Sheriff Seeks Injunction Against the State DOC

Tulsa Sheriff Stanley Glanz
Credit Tulsa County

The Tulsa Sheriff goes to court to try and force the state to take those inmates ready for Department of Corrections custody. Stanley Glanz is seeking an injunction against DOC Director Justin Jones.

The affidavit filed in Tulsa District Court by Glanz states of the current jail population of more than 18-hundred…129 are DOC-ready inmates “that the DOC refuses to schedule and receive into custody.” Glanz says that’s a big reason why the jail population has exceeded capacity for more than four months.

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Local & Regional
11:19 am
Tue July 9, 2013

Tulsa Leaders Consider Downtown Parking Garages

Downtown Tulsa parking

Boosters of downtown Tulsa say more large parking garages would help revitalization of the area. They made their case today before city councilors. Members of the Downtown Coordinating Council, the Tulsa Parking Authority, and the Chamber of Commerce went to city hall to outline plans for a new parking structure. The Chamber’s Director of Downtown Development, Delise Tomlinson, says the current parking situation has cost business, some have declined to move to downtown or expand downtown because of lack of adequate parking for their needs.  

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Local & Regional
12:15 pm
Mon July 8, 2013

Tulsa County Commissioner Fred Perry Retires

Fred Perry attends his last meeting as Tulsa County District 3 Commissioner
Credit KWGS

After nearly 20 years in public office, Fred Perry retires from his post as Tulsa County Commissioner.

There’s more than a little levity at his last County Commission meeting, as Perry says goodbye to fellow commissioners and department heads. Citing health reasons, he’s retiring early…the term doesn’t expire until December of next year. He plans more leisure and family time, including playing tennis, fly fishing, and spending time with grandkids. He says he will continue volunteering for some causes, but will not run for public office again.

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Local & Regional
3:00 pm
Tue July 2, 2013

Tulsa County Lifeguard is an 'Everyday Hero'

EMSA gives Everyday Hero Award to lifeguard Lindsey Schwager
Credit KWGS News

Chandler Pool lifeguard Lindsey Schwager is given an Everyday Hero Award from EMSA. On June 14th she pulled Matthew Pete from the pool. He was drowning, and EMSA representatives say her quick action saved the 11-year-old’s life.

Statistics show that drowning is the number two cause of accidental death, just behind vehicle crashes, of children ages 15 and under, and that about half of these deaths occur within 25 yards of a parent or other adult.

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Local & Regional
1:04 pm
Fri June 28, 2013

Blue-Green Algae Starting to Appear in Oklahoma Lakes

A lab-tech checks a water sample for Blue Green Algae
Credit KWGS News Photo

It’s that time of year when blue-green algae starts to show up in Oklahoma lakes. Elevated levels of the potentially dangerous algae are being seen in several areas. Ross Adkins with the Army Corps of Engineers says informational signs are up, but swimming is not being restricted at this time. He says you do need to avoid the algae if you see it though.

Lake Tenkiller, Lake Texoma, and Lake Heyburn are areas where visible blooms have been sighted.

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