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Marshall Stewart comes to KWGS after more than 30 years in radio news. He’s been an anchor, editor, producer, and reporter with a focus on government stories. He’s the recipient of numerous state awards and a 2006 Edward R. Murrow national award.

The Air Force veteran is a Ponca City native and Oklahoma State University alum and the proud father of three children and granddad to three granddaughters.

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Even in the extreme cold, people line the parade route for Tulsa’s 39th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Parade. Carmen Pettie is the event organizer. She says there are 300 or more entries in the parade and hundreds of participants. Hundreds more, if not thousands, line the parade route to watch, even in the freezing cold weather.

Pettie says the Tulsa Parade is the third largest in the country and the largest in the region. The theme this year is ’50 years later and the dream still lives’. 

Flu cases continue unabated across the nation and in Oklahoma. The latest statistics show more than one-thousand people hospitalized in Oklahoma with 22 deaths attributed to the flu. State Health Department Spokeswoman Jamie Dukes says even though the vaccine isn’t 100% sure, getting a shot is still the best action to take.

She says although the flu is striking across the entire age spectrum, all the fatalities in Oklahoma have been in the 50-and-older age group. Of the 1,020 hospitalizations, 225 are in Tulsa County.


Will a federal change to crackdown on marijuana ordered by Attorney General Jeff Sessions impact Oklahoma’s vote on medicinal marijuana? Former Western District U-S Attorney Sandy Coats in Oklahoma believes the focus is on RECREATIONAL marijuana, not necessarily medicinal. He thinks it likely Oklahoma will pass marijuana use for medical purposes.

Governor Fallin has set a June election on medicinal marijuana use. It does not include legalizing recreational marijuana.


Another death from flu is reported in Oklahoma. It isn’t in Tulsa County, but several more hospitalizations occurred here in the last week. Jamie Dukes with the State Health Department says we’re in peak flu season, with hundreds of cases of hospitalizations across Oklahoma. 120 of those are in Tulsa County.

Since September 1st, more than 600 people have been hospitalized in Oklahoma with the flu and 13 have died. All the fatalities have been in the population age 50 and older. Dukes says it isn’t too late to get a shot since flu season can run well into the spring in Oklahoma.

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Retirements, resignations, and for various other reasons, the Tulsa Sheriff’s Office has been understaffed for some time. This week, for the first time in three years, seven applicants have been sworn in to become full-fledged deputies. Sheriff Vic Regalado says while the seven were promoted this week, it will be a while before they begin field work. They must finish CLEET law enforcement training and other training first. It will likely be six months before they see the field.

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Tulsa is only one murder away from tying the homicide record of 82. It was set only last year. Releasing a report this week, homicide detectives say 73 of the 81 killings have been solved. It's a very respectable 91% solve rate, but down from last year's rate of 97% solved. Police say there's no one thing leading to the the high number of homicides this year like gang warfare or battles between drug dealers. It's more a matter of someone introducing a gun or weapon into an argument, fight, or robbery that turns many disputes deadly.

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The weekly statistics are out, and another person has died from flu in Oklahoma. It brings the season total to ten, with one more fatality reported this past week. Statewide, 121 more patients were hospitalized with flu symptoms, bringing the total this year to 425. Counties with the most hospitalizations are those  with the largest populations. Oklahoma County reports 120 cases, Tulsa County reports 88. Two people have died from flu in the Tulsa area. Most of the state's fatalities are in the age range 50 and older.

Tulsa Police

The Tulsa Police Department will conduct a DUI checkpoint as part of the department’s continued commitment to reducing injuries, deaths, and raising awareness about the dangers caused by alcohol and drug-impaired drivers. The checkpoint will be conducted on Saturday, December 30th from 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. in Downtown Tulsa with the assistance of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Tulsa County Sheriff's Department.


The flu has now killed one person in Tulsa County, the first death here this season. 35 patients have been hospitalized in the county, according to the Tulsa Health Department’s Leanne Stephens. There have been 179 total hospitalizations in Oklahoma. Stephens says plenty of vaccine is left and it’s not too late to get a shot.

Four people in the state have died this flu season, with the Tulsa County flu fatality reported in the past week. All the deaths have been in the vulnerable population of age 50 and older.  


Oklahoma Democrats are celebrating along with Alabama Democrats the victory of Doug Jones over Roy Moore in the U-S Senate race. Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair Anna Langthorn believes it provides hope in some deep red states. She points to recent victories for Democrats in special elections in Oklahoma suburban areas near Tulsa and Oklahoma City as examples where inroads are being made.

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Tulsa County Commissions, on Monday afternoon, vote to enter into a contract to purchase the Community Care building at 216 West 6th.

That is right across the street from the Tulsa County Court House. The $11.5-million sale will also include some furniture, fixtures and equipment.

The building will become the new headquarters for Tulsa County government. That will open needed space at the Tulsa County Court House. It will also provide needed parking space


No new deaths, but another two-dozen-plus people are hospitalized in Oklahoma with the flu in the past week. In Australia, a strain which proved highly resistant to the vaccine hit hard, but Jamie Dukes with the State Health Department says that strain has not been reported here.

Most Oklahoma cases involve those age 50 or older or those four and younger. Oklahoma County leads the state with 33 cases of hospitalizations. Tulsa County is second with 30. No deaths have been reported in the state’s two most populous counties.

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Turnpike toll rates in Oklahoma will go up again next month. The 2.5% jump follows a 12% hike in March. Jack Damrill with the Turnpike Authority says it’s the second of a planned phase-in of increases to fund the Driving Forward initiative. The initiative will fund the Gilcrease toll road and an expansion of the Turner Turnpike between Tulsa and Bristow.

As an example of the new prices, the PikePass rate on the Turner between Oklahoma City and Tulsa will rise from $4.40 to $4.50, and the cash rate going to $4.75 from $4.50. The hike will take effect in the first week of January.

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More than 100 people have now been hospitalized this season with flu in Oklahoma, and, in the past week, the first two deaths from the illness in the state are reported. The level of activity in Oklahoma has now reached the ‘widespread’ category. Jamie Dukes is with the State Health Department. She says of the 105 total number of patients hospitalized this season in the state, 65 are 50 years of age or older, and 13 are under four years of age.

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While Tulsa County Commissioners all vote to endorse the region’s 2018 One Voice legislative agenda, at least one says he isn’t happy with the total package.

John Smaligo supports education and road and bridge funding called for in the agenda, but says he won’t sign on to a demand for new revenue through tax increases.                              

The legislative agenda is a list of priorities compiled by the regional chamber with input from various sources including area government officials, business, and education leaders.


People line up around the block at the John 3:16 Mission for the free Thanksgiving food basket giveaway. The Mission has been feeding the hungry for many years during the holiday, and the food basket giveaway runs through Wednesday. In line at the Family and Youth Center on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard are many who say if not for the Mission, they would have no Thanksgiving holiday.

John 3:16’s goal is to feed 20-thousand people through the free Thanksgiving meal and the food basket giveaway. Donations are still needed.

Tulsa County

In the near future you will see a bison herd grazing in LaFortune Park. They will look real from a distance, but the herd will be made up of lifesize sculptures donated by NatureWorks. The herd will include bulls, cows, calves, and yearlings, some 25 to 30 sculpted animals in total.

Tulsa County Parks Director Richard Bales says taxpayers won’t be out anything except for the donation of a portion of parkland near the picnic area off Yale Avenue. The process of placing the sculptures will take 15 to 18 months.


This Veterans Day Parade in Tulsa coincides with the Marine Corps 242nd birthday, so saluting the Marines is a focus of today’s event. Bob Thomas is a member of the Marine Corps League and has participated in Tulsa’s parade the last five years. He’s glad to see such a good turnout and the thanks shown by people for military veterans and their service.

Weather was nice, and several thousand marched and several thousand more watched Tulsa’s parade today. Tulsa’s annual parade is the largest in the region and one of the largest in the nation.  



What will be the largest capacity natural gas fueling station in the state is being built in northeast Tulsa. It’s being built along the I-44 CNG Corridor, linking St. Louis and Dallas. Oklahoma Energy Secretary Michael Teague was there for the groundbreaking. He says more infra-structure, like the new station, is needed for natural gas vehicles to make it more convenient for drivers.

The natural gas company, Sparq is building the station along I-44 at 129th East Avenue. It’s the company’s 5th CNG station in Oklahoma.

Tulsa Sheriff's Office

The Tulsa Sheriff will add some psychological testing to background checks for jail guards. At least six Tulsa County officers have been arrested and fired since summer. Most are in roles as detention officers. Sheriff Vic Regalado admits it seems like a lot in a short period of time, but says his office remains committed to transparency on these cases. He does say another aspect will be added to the background checks, psychological tests for potential new employees.

Regalado says ‘violations of the law and the public’s trust will not be tolerated by his agency’.

Tulane University

A national expert speaks to early childhood educators and health care professionals in Tulsa on supporting young children impacted by traumatic experiences. Dr. Allison Boothe is a clinical psychologist and associate professor at Tulane University. She says children are resilient, but they need proper support and proven ways to judge if additional help is needed.

She says without proper support, trauma can adversely impact the development of young children later in life. Boothe spoke last night at the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Center.


Special drug take-back days are held to dispose of unused, expired medications…but you can get rid of them safely most days of the year. The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Mark Woodward says law agencies in all 77 counties have take-back boxes. He says the idea is to limit the availability of dangerous opioids.

47% of young people say it’s easy to get prescription drugs from a parent’s medicine cabinet.

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The Tulsa Sheriff gets a grant that will pay for enough body cams to outfit almost all deputies. The Department of Justice grant can cover another 218 body cams to combine with 55 others already donated to the office. Sheriff’s Director of Government Affairs, Terry Simonson, says the county won’t be out any money for the initial cost. The Axon Company has donated 55 cameras, and the DOJ grant of $291,600 will pay for the other 218.

The grant and donation will cover the initial equipment cost, but the Sheriff will need to fund on-going camera maintenance and data storage costs.

Micheala Dorrough

Thousands fill hallways and steps at the state capitol, rallying to protest healthcare and social service cuts and calling for a budget that includes long-term funding. Mental Health Care Association CEO Michael Brose says band-aid after band-aid just won’t cut it anymore. He says it’s time for lawmakers to end partisanship and do what’s best for all the citizens.

Brose says the budget deal announced by the Governor and legislative leaders does NOT solve the year to year funding gap. Those who attended the rally want lawmakers to address the long-term issues.

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An early evaluation of the new video arraignment system in the Tulsa Courthouse is positive. County Commission Chairman Ron Peters says feedback from the judges and even some inmates is a ‘thumbs up’. He says the new system is proving more efficient and safer.

Peters says transporting of inmates back and forth from jails to the courts has been reduced by 40% a day. Peters says the transportation of inmates to the courthouse and then back to the jail is the most dangerous time for potential problems, so reducing trips and prisoner numbers is safer

Cherokee Nation

Cherokee Nation Health Services adopts a program to educate patients on alternative ways other than antibiotics to heal common illnesses. According to the U-S Centers for Disease Control, antibiotics are often misused for illnesses like flu and the common cold. Medical Director for W.W. Hastings Indian Hospital, Dr. Sharon Smallwood, says the tribe is using the CDC guidelines to help educate patients and staff on the proper use of antibiotics.

The tribe will use the guidelines to more closely monitor the use of antibiotics by patients in all Cherokee Nation health facilities.

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A ‘Walk for Freedom’ will be held Saturday in Tulsa, part of an international event to draw attention to victims of human trafficking. Meg Weinkauf is an organizer of this weekend’s Walk. She says OSBI statistics show nearly 100 men, women, and children were human or sexually trafficked in Oklahoma in 2016, and hundreds more cases go unreported.

Tulsa’s first ever Walk for Freedom is Saturday at Veteran’s Park beginning at 9am. Similar events are scheduled in hundreds of cities across 50 nations.

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Progress proceeds on Tulsa’s new Family Justice Center. An agreement is okayed this week to remove waste from the former Storey Wrecker site, which will be the new home of the Family Justice Center. Justin Jones is the current Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau Director. He says after an underground storage tank is removed, it’s full speed ahead with construction documents and then a ground breaking by spring of next year.

It’s taken years to get a site since voters okayed funds for a new justice center, but Jones says all is on track for a September 2019 grand opening.

All Souls-Facebook

An interfaith vigil will be held in Tulsa tonight for victims of the Las Vegas shootings. The event at All Souls Unitarian Church is co-hosted by Moms Demand Action. Senior Minister at the Church, Reverend Marlin Lavanhar, says the vigil is to come together to grieve but also to demand action against senseless deaths and gun violence. Moms Demand Action is a group formed after the Sandy Hook shootings of 20 elementary school students. The organization calls for what group members term ‘sensible gun control’ measures.

OSU Center for Health Sciences

Oklahoma State University Health Sciences Center in Tulsa opens a new simulation teaching facility containing the largest program of its’ kind in the state. The Tandy Simulation Center uses life-like computer programmed ‘manikins’ that can imitate almost any medical emergency.                                   

The four-story, 84-thousand square foot Tandy Building contains teaching exam rooms, a medicine lab, conference rooms, and lecture halls.

The grand opening and dedication were held today.