Catherine Roberts

Public Radio 89.5-1 Reporter

Catherine graduated from the University of Tulsa in May, 2012, and graduated from a part-time employee to a full-time reporter with Public Radio Tulsa just a few months later. Her undergraduate degrees are in economics and English. While she has been interested in journalism since high school, starting out at the Tulsa World teen section, Satellite, and later going on to run TU’s student newspaper, The Collegian, a student internship with KWGS News ignited her passion for radio. She has also served as an intern for the nationally syndicated American Public Media program Marketplace. Catherine is thrilled to be able to work at KWGS as she begins her reporting career. Her radio hero is Diane Rehm. She was named Favorite Radio Reporter by the Tulsa Press Club at the 2013 Newsies Awards. 


Local & Regional
12:19 pm
Wed October 24, 2012

Robert Gates Talks Security in Tulsa

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates speaks in Tulsa.
  • What are your thoughts on a potential $2 trillion in added defense spending? Does that accurately reflect our needs?
  • What's the biggest threat to national security?
  • Talk about the threat of cyber attack. How urgent is that concern?

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates speaks at the Mabee center as part of the Tulsa Business Forums.

He talked about this week’s presidential debate, and said that while it’s true that our military's technological capabilities are far greater today than in the past, “we do have these replacement costs coming up, we do have these replacement programs for some of these ships.”

Those include ships in the Navy’s fleet that were built during the Regan era.

He added that the Navy “would like to build 313 ships.”

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Local & Regional
3:34 pm
Tue October 23, 2012

Deer Activity Up, Risky for Drivers

Two deaths over the weekend are the results of car collisions with deer.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife’s Mike McAllister says while the fatalities are unusual, hitting deer this time of year is not.

“Deer are on the move, looking to breed,” he said. “It’s a time when people travelling in a vehicle need to be paying extra special attention for deer.”

He says we’re about to hit the height of breeding season, “in about another seven to 10 days, and will last for about three weeks.”

Local & Regional
2:18 pm
Mon October 22, 2012

St. John Wins Award for Patient Satisfaction

The National Research Corporation names St. John Health System a 2012 Consumer Choice Award Winner.

St. John Vice President of Quality and Safety Lisa Medina says one reason she believes St. John has received the recognition is a policy of increased communication with patients and families: “not just waiting for them to ask questions, but to anticipate, doing a lot more anticipating of what the patients need, and what their families are wanting to hear.”

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Local & Regional
3:23 pm
Fri October 19, 2012

Local Manufacturer Says He's Hiring

The 2013 Oklahoma Manufacturers Register reports that manufacturing jobs are up in Tulsa. That’s the first time that’s happened in five years.

Dick Havir is the operations manager for the local firm Crane Carrier Company, which manufactures parts for construction and garbage trucks.

He says, although business got off to a slow start this year, in the last few months, it’s been gaining momentum.

Catherine Roberts: So I guess the big question then is: business on an uptick, does that mean that you guys are looking to hire people?

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Local & Regional
11:26 am
Thu October 18, 2012

Phone Thieves at Large in Tulsa

iPhones are a popular target for the thieves, according to police.

Tulsa police are asking for your help catching cell phone thieves.

They have hit four area phone stores in the past few weeks.

Tulsa Police spokesman Officer Leland Ashley said, “They know what they’re targeting.”

He says they’re breaking in through the glass doors.

“Within a minute or two if not less,” he said, “they’ve grabbed the cell phones, and they’re on their way out.”

He says they’ve taken about 20 or 30 phones at each store and that they’re likely selling the phones on the street for a fraction of their store value.

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Local & Regional
9:32 am
Thu October 18, 2012

How To Read Library Books on Your Phone

The Digital Bookmobile visited Martin Regional Library Wednesday.

Checking out e-books and audio books from the Tulsa City-County Library can be done in a matter of minutes, with the help of a free app for your smartphone or tablet.

Overdrive Media’s Digital Bookmobile visited Tulsa Tuesday and Wednesday to familiarize library patrons with the platform.

“It’s just an app you would download right out of your app store, called the Overdrive Media Console,” said Dan Conochan, who staffs the Bookmobile. “There’s a little bit of a set up, just a couple simple steps, and then you can download books.”

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Local & Regional
12:51 pm
Mon October 15, 2012

Jazz Hall Pays Electric Bill, County Says It Owes Legal Fees

KWGS File Photo

The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame is up to date on its utilities bill, and other fees it owes the county, according to the Tulsa County Industrial Authority.

“As far as the public, the citizens of Tulsa County, are concerned, the Jazz Hall of Fame has paid all of the bills that concern the taxpayers directly,” said John Smaligo, Industrial Authority chairman.

The county notified the Jazz Hall today that it will also likely have to pay at several thousand dollars in legal fees, incurred by the Authority as it dealt with the Jazz Hall’s debts.

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Local & Regional
7:01 am
Fri October 12, 2012

The Taste of North Tulsa

Burroughs Elementary third grader Kennedy Adams enjoys a meal of healthy options from several of North Tulsa's restaurants.
Catherine Roberts

McClain High School hosts the Taste of North Tulsa, an event which both provides a free healthy meal to area residents from local vendors, and seeks to raise awareness about the area's food insecurity issues. 

Deidre Alvarez, one of the guests, is a resident of North Tulsa who says there aren't a lot of convenient places to buy food.

“There’s only one supermarket,” she said, “and that was just (opened) recently within the past two years.”

“We went a very very long time without any supermarket at all,” she said. “I think that’s one of the major challenges.

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Local & Regional
10:45 am
Thu October 11, 2012

Elementary Students Welcome New Citizens

New Americans say the Pledge of Allegiance for the first time as citizens.

Angus Valley Elementary in Sand Springs temporarily became a Federal courtroom Wednesday as U.S. judges granted citizenship to 36 individuals in the final stage of naturalization.

The students participated in the event: the fourth grade choir performed a rendition of "America" and fourth and fifth graders led an interpretive Pledge of Allegiance. 

U.S. District Court Judge Claire V. Eagan said the practice of bringing naturalization proceedings to elementary schools allows students to gain first-hand knowledge of the process of becoming a citizen.

Local & Regional
3:08 pm
Tue October 9, 2012

Zoo Bids Tiger Cub Goodbye

Berani and vet technician Sarah Freudenthal

The Tulsa Zoo won’t get to keep its six-week old tiger cub Berani.

He’s leaving town tomorrow and will be taken up to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma Washington, to be raised alongside another tiger cub of the same age.

That’s because Burani’s mother lost interest in him shortly after birth, and vet Jen Kilburn says he needs to be raised with other tigers. She hopes, in the future, that wouldn’t have to happen.

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