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April Fulton is a former editor with NPR's Science Desk and a contributor to The Salt, NPR's Food Blog.

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7:02 am
Thu March 27, 2014

What Does the 'Death Penalty Ruling' Mean to Pending Cases?

The execution witness room at the state prison.
Credit Department of Corrections

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A decision by an Oklahoma judge to declare the state's execution law unconstitutional leaves intact each death-row inmate's conviction and sentence.

Oklahoma County District Judge Patricia Parrish said Wednesday it was wrong for the state to say inmates couldn't sue to find out more information about the drugs that would be used to kill them. She said that denying inmates their due process rights violated the U.S. Constitution.

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6:46 am
Mon February 17, 2014

More Than 125 Oklahoma DHS Employees Disciplined

More than 125 Oklahoma DHS employees disciplined

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Records show that more than 125 Oklahoma Department of Human Services employees were fired, suspended or demoted during 2013 for various infractions — including one instance of an employee picking up the wrong baby from a day care.

The records obtained by The Oklahoman include a report that a child welfare specialist picked up a baby girl instead of a baby boy that the worker had picked up weekly for "at least 12 weeks."

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6:57 am
Thu October 24, 2013

Another Missing Plane Along Oklahoma Arkansas Border

LeFlore County

FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) — Authorities in eastern Oklahoma are searching for a plane that disappeared while flying from Arkansas to Oklahoma.

LeFlore County Sheriff Rob Seale told the Times Record Wednesday that search crews are looking in a heavily wooded area of the Ouachita National Forest in southeastern Oklahoma.

Seale says the search began Tuesday after the Federal Aviation Administration contacted the sheriff's department and said 71-year-old Elmer Ray Broadbent and his Piper 28 aircraft disappeared while flying from Searcy to Elk City.

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8:30 pm
Sat August 10, 2013

Arrest Warrant for Veronica's Dad

Credit NPR

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the father of a girl at the center of an adoption dispute pitting him against a Charleston-area couple. A statement from the Charleston County Sheriff's Office on Saturday said Dusten Brown faces a charge of custodial interference for failing to transfer his 3-year-old daughter to her adopted parents. A family court judge said this week the child should be returned immediately. Brown is training with the National Guard in Iowa.

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6:59 am
Tue July 9, 2013

Judge Dismisses Suit Over Oklahoma Youth Expo

File photo from 2012 Expo
Credit Youth Expo Website

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging $2 million in state funding for a youth livestock show after attorneys in the case failed to show up for a scheduling conference.

Republican Rep. Mike Reynolds filed the suit, arguing that the state violated a prohibition on gifts of public money when it allocated $2 million to the Oklahoma Youth Expo, which runs the livestock show.

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The Salt
10:28 am
Wed June 19, 2013

The Martini: This American Cocktail May Have An International Twist

The martini: international drink of mystery?

Originally published on Thu June 20, 2013 1:15 pm

There's no cocktail more distinctly American than the martini. It's strong, sophisticated and sexy. It's everything we hope to project while ordering one.

Baltimore-born satirist H.L. Mencken is said to have called the martini "the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet." But is the martini perfectly American? Maybe not entirely.

So in honor of National Martini Day on Wednesday, we decided to dig into the drink's muddled past.

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6:59 am
Sat February 23, 2013

OKC Businessman Gets 15-Months in Skiatook Case

Federal Court House in downtown Tulsa
Credit KWGS News file photo

OKC businessman gets 15 months in Skiatook case

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — An Oklahoma City businessman has been sentenced to 15 months in federal prison for fraud following an investigation involving Skiatook Public Schools

U.S. Attorney Danny Williams says Rickey Enos was sentenced Friday for conspiracy to defraud the government. He was also ordered to pay $338,999 in restitution to the school district.

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The Salt
2:04 am
Wed January 16, 2013

Whole Foods Founder John Mackey On Fascism and 'Conscious Capitalism'

Whole Foods has more than 300 stores and continues to expand.
Harry Cabluck AP

Originally published on Thu January 17, 2013 2:51 pm

UPDATE at 12:35 p.m., ET, Jan. 17: Many of you wrote in to tell us you were taken aback by Whole Foods top executive John Mackey characterizing the health law as fascism in an NPR interview, and apparently, he's feeling a little sheepish.

About three minutes into his otherwise amiable chat with CBS This Morning hosts on on Thursday, Mackey walked back his comments in response to a direct question from Norah O'Donnell:

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The Salt
4:38 pm
Wed August 22, 2012

Food Waste Is Overwhelming. Here Are Five Things People Are Doing About It

Rotten jackfruit and tomatoes are sorted at a dump in New Delhi. India loses an estimated 40 percent of its produce harvest for lack of infrastructure. And Americans waste about 40 percent of our food.
Mustafa Quraishi AP

Originally published on Fri June 27, 2014 4:39 pm

The food world is buzzing today about the latest news on just how often we waste perfectly good food. And we admit, the statistics are pretty depressing.

About 40 percent of food in the United States today goes uneaten. The average American consumer wastes 10 times as much food as someone in Southeast Asia — up 50 percent from Americans in the 1970s. Yet, 1 in 6 Americans doesn't have enough to eat, says the U.S. Department of Agriculture. And food waste costs us about $165 billion a year and sucks up 25 percent of our freshwater supply.

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The Salt
2:42 pm
Wed July 18, 2012

Discarded Food Cans Turn Into Canvas For British Street Artist


Originally published on Thu July 19, 2012 2:32 am

Those eyes grab you first. Only after a couple of beats do you realize you're looking at the painted bottom of a flattened metal can left on the street, and not some mysterious fairy.

These can art people come from the imagination of a British artist known as My Dog Sighs, who has left a piece of art on the street for someone to find every Friday for the last 10 years.

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