The Two-Way
5:37 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

Mass. High Court Throws Sales Of Some Foreclosed Homes Into Limbo

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has thrown into doubt the ownership of some foreclosed homes, when it decided that buyers of a house that was improperly foreclosed are not the legal owners of the property.

The Boston Globe reports:

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The Two-Way
4:47 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

Watch Out! More Space Debris Coming Our Way

The X-ray satellite ROSAT was shutdown in 1999 and will re-enter the Earth's atmosphere this weekend.

German Aerospace Center

It's happening again: This time instead of a NASA satellite, it's a German satellite that will burn through the Earth's atmosphere and crash somewhere unknown. If you remember, in September a decommissioned weather satellite fell into the South Pacific.

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Around the Nation
4:41 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

Amish Reel From Bizarre Beard-Cutting Attacks

Sam Mullet, father of two of the three men arrested for allegedly going into the home of other Amish and cutting their hair and beards, is seen outside his home in Bergholz, Ohio. Some who have left Mullet's community have accused him of abuse.

Amy Sancetta AP

Originally published on Wed October 19, 2011 5:56 pm

On the night of Oct. 4, Myron and Arlene Miller were asleep in their home in Mechanicstown, Ohio, when they heard a knock on the door. According to their friend Bob Comer, when Myron came downstairs, he found five men standing on his doorstep.

"They pulled him out in the front yard, and they have scissors and a battery-powered shaver and everything," Comer says. "They're trying to hold him down and cut his beard off and cut his hair off."

Miller yelled at his wife to call 911. Then the men let him go and ran back to the trailer and had the driver take off, Comer says.

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Local & Regional
4:02 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

T-U Celebrates New Engineering Building

Tulsa, OK –
A celebration is held for Tulsa University's new petroleum and mechanical engineering facility. Work is well underway on the 16-million-dollar Stephenson Hall, which will house the programs. Junior Justin Sewell is a petroleum engineering major. He looks forward to the new state of the art labs which will give him and other students hands-on experience.

Construction began earlier this year and is expected to be complete in 2012.

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Shots - Health Blog
4:00 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

Heart Failure Lands Fewer Seniors In Hospital

Clayton Hansen

Which illness puts more elderly people in the hospital than any other? Heart failure, a serious impairment of blood-pumping power.

But, as some Yale researchers have found, the rate of hospitalization for heart failure has gone down a lot, according to Medicare data for the decade ending in 2008.

The analysis is pretty complicated, and makes adjustments for a bunch of risk factors, but the upshot is clear: The rate of heart failure admissions in 2008 was 29.5 percent lower than in 1998. It's the first study to show a national decline.

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Mitt Romney
3:22 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

With Romney In Race, Mormon Church Steps Up Ads

An "I'm A Mormon" billboard in New York's Times Square in June.The LDS church expanded the ad campaign to 12 new cities within the last week.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Originally published on Wed October 19, 2011 4:59 pm

Just as former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney tries to overcome unease about his Mormon faith in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, a new ad campaign promoting the religion is drawing attention.

"I'm a Mormon" billboards and television commercials aimed at improving the religious group's public image have surfaced over the past week in states almost certain to be battlegrounds for next year's presidential contest.

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Middle East
3:06 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

In Syria, Can The President Outlast The Protesters?

Syrian women stroll past posters of President Bashar Assad in Damascus on Monday. Assad has relied heavily on his security forces as he battles an uprising now in its eighth month.

Muzaffar Salman AP

Originally published on Wed October 19, 2011 7:40 pm

Syria's President Bashar Assad has survived an uprising that's now in its eighth month, and he shows no signs of buckling. The president has relied on a massive security presence to limit protests at home, and has dismissed criticism and sanctions from abroad.

But is this strategy sustainable, or is Assad simply buying time?

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The Two-Way
2:43 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

Out Of Wall Street Protest, An Unlikely Celebrity: 'Hipster Cop'

We've covered the serious news out of the Occupy Wall Street movement today. But The Gray Lady has a story we just couldn't stay away from.

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Local & Regional
2:37 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

$162 Million Loss for American Airlines

American Airlines Facility in Tulsa
KWGS News photo

Fort Worth, TX – AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines, Inc., today reported a net loss of $162 million, or $0.48 per diluted share, for the third quarter of 2011, compared to a net profit of $143 million, or $0.39 per diluted share, for the same period of 2010.

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