Owasso Police http://publicradiotulsa.org en Two People Busted at Owasso Convenient Store http://publicradiotulsa.org/post/two-people-busted-owasso-convenient-store <p>Two people are in custody after alleged home invasions and vehicle theft in Owasso early this morning.</p><p>The suspects fled into a Quik Trip store on 116<sup>th</sup> St. North near Highway 169. The woman surrendered when officers arrived, however, the man locked himself in the restroom and warned authorities he had a gun.</p> Tue, 04 Sep 2012 19:04:16 +0000 Renae Powers 25532 at http://publicradiotulsa.org Two People Busted at Owasso Convenient Store Owasso Police Brutality Case to be Appealed http://publicradiotulsa.org/post/owasso-police-brutality-case-be-appealed <p></p><p>The city of Owasso won&rsquo;t accept the decision of an arbiter in the case of Michael Denton.</p><p>Denton was caught on tape elbowing a man, Bryan Spradlin, in the face, while bringing him in for arrest.</p><p>An arbiter in the case ruled that the action didn&rsquo;t warrant Denton losing his job, and directed Owasso to re-hire him.</p><p>City Manager Rodney Ray announced today that he&rsquo;s asked city attorneys to appeal that ruling in Tulsa County district court.</p> Thu, 12 Jul 2012 23:56:17 +0000 Catherine Roberts 22150 at http://publicradiotulsa.org Owasso Police Brutality Case to be Appealed