Ricki Lewis http://publicradiotulsa.org en "Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It" http://publicradiotulsa.org/post/gene-therapy-and-boy-who-saved-it <p>Our guest is Dr. Ricki Lewis, a geneticist, journalist, professor, and genetic counselor. She&#39;s also the author of one of the most widely used college textbooks about genetics --- &quot;Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications&quot; (now in its tenth edition) --- and her latest book, just out from St. Martin&#39;s Press, is &quot;The Forever Fix: Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It.&quot; Dr. Lewis will be a featured speaker later this week at the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society&#39;s Annual Conference, which has been happening here in Tulsa since Saturday the 26th. Tue, 29 May 2012 19:39:43 +0000 Rich Fisher 19531 at http://publicradiotulsa.org "Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It"