Dr. Richard L. Millett http://publicradiotulsa.org en "Mexico's Elections and the War on Drugs" http://publicradiotulsa.org/post/mexicos-elections-and-war-drugs <p>In July, Mexican voters will elect a new president. Although it&#39;s not getting much coverage here in the States --- where we, of course, have our own upcoming nationwide election to fixate upon --- the electoral race now happening in Mexico is a fiercely contested one. And one key issue in that race is whether the government should continue President Calderon&#39;s so-called &quot;war on drugs&quot; --- an issue that could have profound consequences for the U.S. On this edition of StudioTulsa, we speak with Dr. Richard L. Mon, 14 May 2012 21:01:28 +0000 Rich Fisher 18672 at http://publicradiotulsa.org "Mexico's Elections and the War on Drugs"