Alaska en Eowyn Ivey and "The Snow Child" <p>On today&#39;s show, we speak with the gifted Alaskan writer Eowyn Ivey, whose first novel, &quot;The Snow Child&quot; (Reagan Arthur Books), appeared earlier this year to international acclaim. (And yes, in case you&#39;re wondering, Eowyn&#39;s mother did name her after a character in Tolkien&#39;s &quot;Lord of the Rings.&quot;) As the following rave review from a critic at has noted: &quot;In her haunting, evocative debut, Eowyn Ivey stakes her claim on a Russian fairy tale, daring the reader --- and the characters --- to be lulled into thinking they know the ending. Thu, 03 May 2012 17:59:57 +0000 Rich Fisher 18001 at Eowyn Ivey and "The Snow Child"