Edward Schumacher-Matos http://publicradiotulsa.org en Fairness In Covering Israel And The Palestinians: The End Of An Accounting http://publicradiotulsa.org/post/fairness-covering-israel-and-palestinians-end-accounting A quarterly review over the past 11 years of NPR's coverage of Israel and the Palestinians—a self-assessment that may be unique in the annals of American journalism—comes to an end with the <a href="http://www.npr.org/news/specials/mideast/statements/Mideast_Q4_2013.pdf" target="_blank">attached last report</a> that finds lack of completeness but strong factual accuracy and no systematic bias.<p>The reviews by John Felton, a former foreign editor working independently under the ombudsman's office, have dissected more than 4,000 stories related to just a single issue, but one that is a hot butt Tue, 21 Jan 2014 00:10:40 +0000 Edward Schumacher-Matos 53106 at http://publicradiotulsa.org Fairness In Covering Israel And The Palestinians: The End Of An Accounting Regional Bias And How NPR Covers America http://publicradiotulsa.org/post/regional-bias-and-how-npr-covers-america It is a persistent complaint among listeners: NPR has a regional bias, and it favors the East and West coasts.<p>"It is past time that NPR relocated its headquarters away from Washington, D.C.," admonished Gregory Elmes, a professor at West Virginia University, where he teaches geology and, fittingly, geography. "Somewhere like St. Louis, Mo. or Denver, Co. might provide your reporters, analysts and hosts with a wider perspective representative of a much broader sweep of the United States."<p>And so I decided to wade into the data weeds to see just how true the complaint might be. Mon, 22 Jul 2013 13:53:16 +0000 Edward Schumacher-Matos 43188 at http://publicradiotulsa.org Regional Bias And How NPR Covers America Listening To You And The Talk Of The Nation http://publicradiotulsa.org/post/listening-you-and-talk-nation I feel your pain.<p>Hundreds of you have written to complain about the cancellation of <em>Talk of the Nation</em>. If there is a common thread to your comments — other than anger and disappointment at NPR — it is that you really liked that <em>Talk of the Nation</em> spent time to dig into subjects. Fri, 12 Jul 2013 13:49:42 +0000 Edward Schumacher-Matos 42621 at http://publicradiotulsa.org Listening To You And The Talk Of The Nation The Honorable 'Girlie' Senator From The State Of New York http://publicradiotulsa.org/post/honorable-girlie-senator-state-new-york How do you describe a woman who is short, feminine and has a soft voice? Do you describe any woman you meet in the same way as, say, you would a United States senator?<p>This was the dilemma faced by another woman who, until joining NPR in February, was an <a href="http://www.wnyc.org/people/ailsa-chang/">accomplished police and terrorism reporter</a> working the mean streets of New York. Ailsa Chang was so good at WNYC that I invited her to speak to my class at Columbia Journalism School last year.<p>But she has since moved to NPR and the perhaps more treacherous byways of Washington. Wed, 10 Jul 2013 14:34:14 +0000 Edward Schumacher-Matos 42470 at http://publicradiotulsa.org The Honorable 'Girlie' Senator From The State Of New York