The University of Tulsa does not discriminate on the basis of personal status or group characteristics including but not limited to the classes protected under federal and state law in its programs, services, aids, or benefits. Inquiries regarding implementation of this policy may be addressed to the Office of Human Resources, 800 S. Tucker Drive, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-3189, (918) 631-2616. Requests for accommodation of disabilities may be addressed to the University's 504 Coordinator, Dr. Tawny Taylor, (918) 631-2315. To ensure availability of an interpreter,  five to seven days' notice is needed; 48 hours is recommended for all other accommodations.

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University of Tulsa position openings are available at utulsa.edu/about/working-at-tu

Covering the Period from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014 KWGS-FM and KWTU-FM Tulsa, Oklahoma

KWGS and KWTU are in compliance with the Federal Communications Commission’s Broadcast Equal Employment Opportunity Rules “EEO Public File Report” (Feb 2003) and the “Broadcast Equal Employment Opportunity Longer Term Initiatives, Reporting Filing Requirements (Feb 2003) which went into effect March 10, 2003.

This report can be found: KWGS and KWTU Public Files, and publicradiotulsa.org.

  • Total number of full-time vacancies filled during the year: 0
  • Total number of interviewees for all full-time vacancies during the year: 0
  • Reference source for Interviewees: Contact Person: Rich Fisher, Address: 800 S Tucker Drive, Tulsa, OK 74104, Phone: 918-631-2779

When positions are available, notice of such position openings are widely disseminated. Parties interested in receiving notice of position opening are encouraged to request notice by contacting us at: Public Radio Tulsa, attention Rich Fisher, General Manager, 800 S. Tucker Drive, Tulsa, OK 74104, or Dept of Human Resources, The University of Tulsa, 800 S. Tucker Drive, Tulsa, OK 74104

When KWGS or KWTU have positions available, the stations seek employees by utilizing the National Public Radio (NPR) Job Listings, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Job Listings, Current Newspaper (a professional journal for public broadcasting), and local media outlets.

Openings are posted on these websites as position openings occur: www.publicradiotulsa.org and www.utulsa.edu/personnel/jobs.

Supplemental Outreach Initiatives and Commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Public Radio Tulsa participates in the annual Career Day sponsored by the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters
  • Public Radio Tulsa participates in the annual Oklahoma Music Educators convention
  • KWGS provides student employment to college students throughout the year
  • KWGS hosts tours and station opportunities for college students in broadcast journalism each year

Help Public Radio Tulsa Reach Out To Qualified Employees

Public Radio Tulsa is an Equal Opportunity Employer. When we have job openings at our station, we strive for broad outreach to all qualified applicants. If you or your organization are in a position to refer applicants to us, Public Radio Tulsa would be happy to hear from you.

We can provide job vacancy information directly to you in any manner you find the most helpful, such as written notifications, telephone calls, email announcements or faxes.

To receive periodic information on job vacancies at Public Radio Tulsa, please reply to me, Rich Fisher, Public Radio Tulsa General Manager at public@publicradiotulsa.org. Or, you may call the station toll-free at 1-888-594-5947

Public Radio Tulsa sincerely hopes your company will want to assist us in the very important job we share with other broadcasters to insure equal opportunity for all prospective employees.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Rich Fisher
General Manager, Public Radio Tulsa
918-631-3695 FAX

Contact Information for Recruitment Sources

  • AARP Senior Community • 2651 East 21st Street, Suite 506, Tulsa, OK 74114, Contact: Al Gaylor
  • TSHA • 8740 East 11th Street, Suite A Tulsa, OK 74112 Contact: Terri Williams
  • Native American Coalition • 1740 West 41st Street Tulsa, OK 74107 Contact: Personnel
  • Tulsa Technology Center Career Services Center • 3420 South Memorial Drive Tulsa, OK 74145 Contact: Rachel Gray
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars • 1109 East 6th Street Tulsa, OK 74120 Contact: Commander Doyle
  • YWCA Women’s Resource Center • 700 South Boston, Suite 320 Tulsa, Ok 74119 Contact: Beth Brown
  • Salvation Army P.O. Box 397 • Tulsa, OK 74101 Contact: Arletta Robinson
  • Tulsa Urban League • 240 East Apache Street Tulsa, OK 74106 Contact: Alice McDonald 
  • ORU Career Services • 7777 South Lewis Ave Tulsa, OK 74171 Contact: Allison Jones 
  • OU-Tulsa • 4502 East 41st Street Tulsa, OK 74135 Contact: Nancy Volavka
  • Workforce Oklahoma • 14002 E. 21st Street, Suite 1030 Tulsa, OK 74134 Contact: Billie Clark
  • Tulsa Creek Indian Community • 8611 South Union Avenue Tulsa, OK 74132 Contact: Personnel 
  • VA-Voc Rehab & Employment Department of Veteran Affairs • 125 South Main Muskogee, OK 74401 Contact: Terry Glendening
  • Tulsa World • 315 South Boulder Tulsa, OK 74103 Contact: Marti Ticer
  • Current Newspaper • 6930 Carroll Ave, Suite 350 Takoma Park, MD 20912 Contact: Ad Director
  • National Public Radio • 635 Massachusetts Ave, NW Washington, DC 20001 Contact: Human Resources
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting • 401 Ninth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004-2129 , Contact: Jobline