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How do I become a member of Public Radio Tulsa?

Simple! Make a contribution of any amount.

How do I make a contribution?

Simply write a check for any amount to Public Radio Tulsa and mail it to Public Radio Tulsa at 800 South Tucker Drive, Tulsa, OK, 74104. Or click here to donate online.

How do I donate my car?

If you'd like to support Public Radio Tulsa by turning your old Mercury into Morning Edition, click here.

Where's my mug?

If you asked for a mug, tee shirt, CD or other thank you gift in one of our fund drives, you should receive it by about six weeks after the end of the drive. If you don't, please contact at or call 918-631-3118.

Who do I contact about underwriting (aka advertising) on the stations?

Wayne Blackmon, who can be reached at 1-918-521-6900.  Or, email him at:

How do I volunteer?

We welcome volunteers about five times a year. In January, we need help stuffing outgoing tax letters.  Before each fund drive, we need help stuffing about 4,000 outgoing pre-drive letters. These are weekday slots here in the offices of KWGS.

During the Spring (April) and Fall (October) fund drives, we need folk to answer incoming phone calls and write down pledges from donors. We ask for volunteers to work at least a one hour shift. Shifts are generally between 7 and 9 a.m.  and between 4 and 6 p.m. Our fund drives run one week, from Monday to Friday. 

Each shift worked as a volunteer, whether stuffing envelopes or taking phone pledges, entitles you to a gift from the Public Radio Tulsa Prize Closet. This bulging and constantly changing treasure trove includes mugs, CDs, books and the odd public radio trinket.

Volunteers at Public Radio Tulsa will often find themselves stuffing envelopes with StudioTulsa host, Rich Fisher, or handing a blank pledge form to News Director, John Durkee, as he sits down to help out at the phone bank. We cannot guarantee you'll rub elbows with these local celebs, but you'll certainly improve your chances by being here.

Almost all volunteer scheduling is done by email. We're pretty laid back here and usually have fun and interesting conversations around the volunteer tables. I hope you'll be able to join us. If you'd like to be added to the volunteer email list, please send an email request.

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