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Oklahoma Comes in 51st for Summer School Lunch Participation, Officially

Oklahoma officially ranks last in summer lunch participation for 2017, the same spot it held in 2016. That’s according to the Food Research and Action Center’s review of programs to feed low-income kids last year in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The report shows fewer than one in 20 kids eligible for free and reduced-price lunches received summer meals. The ranking seems not to square with state figures released last fall saying participation was up 14 percent from 2016. FRAC’s...

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Google Street View

Verizon Service Disrupted in Oklahoma

If Verizon is your phone provider, you may have looked at your phone today and wondered. "What’s wrong with this thing?" The answer was nothing. The problem was on Verizon’s end. A cut fiber optic cable knocked out service in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, as well as some other Oklahoma communities. In an email to KWGS News, Verizon said: " Verizon Wireless experienced an interruption in service for customers in Oklahoma today. It was caused by the rare occurrence of two separate fiber cuts on...

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'Shaking The Hand Of Peace': Unpacking Trump's North Korea Movie Trailer

A drone! Miami Beach! A water slide! Sly Stallone! Machu Picchu! (Macchu Picchu?) Those are only a few of the many, many images that flit by as you watch a four-minute video created by the Trump administration (specifically, the National Security Council), which the White House posted to its Facebook page Wednesday morning. The video — extolling the virtues of international cooperation between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un — was shown to Kim by Trump himself, on an iPad...

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Wind & Rhythm

Doug Brown, 1948-2018

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Doug Brown , Wind and Rhythm ' s founder and host. Doug was one of the greats and he will be deeply missed. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Wind & Rhythm has been a Sunday night staple on KWTU Classical 88.7 and was set to celebrate its 10-year anniversary later this summer. Thank you for sharing your passion and the music, Doug.

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On this edition of ST, we listen back to an interview from October of last year. At that time, we spoke with Jennifer Egan about her novel, "Manhattan Beach," which is just now out in paperback. As was noted of this book in a starred review in Kirkus: "After stretching the boundaries of fiction in myriad ways...Egan does perhaps the only thing left that could surprise: she writes a thoroughly traditional novel.

(Note: This interview originally aired back in February.) The author and journalist Mark Whitaker is our guest on StudioTulsa. A former managing editor of CNN Worldwide, and a previous Washington bureau chief for NBC News, Whitaker has a new book out, which he tells us about.

On this edition of ST Medical Monday, we revisit an interview that first aired in April with Dr. Daniela Lamas, author of "You Can Stop Humming Now: A Doctor’s Stories of Life, Death, and In Between." Per Publishers Weekly: "In this ruminative account of treating patients, Lamas, a pulmonary and critical care doctor at the Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, analyzes how the critically ill manage life during and after treatment. She meets people who are neither bitter nor sorrowful about their conditions, but are constantly aware of their precarious states....

Our guest on ST is Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, who grew up in Oklahoma and is now based in the Seattle area. He's a medical marijuana expert who's also a clinical instructor at the University of Washington School of Medicine; his focus is on the use of cannabis in clinical practice, medical research, and education. Dr. Aggarwal holds degrees in medicine, medical geography, chemistry, philosophy, and religious studies. He'll be speaking in support of State Question 788 today (the 8th) here in Tulsa, and then he'll do so tomorrow (the 9th) in Norman, Oklahoma.

On this edition of our show, we learn all about Kendall Whittier, Incorporated, or KWI, which is a neighborhood-minded and long-running nonprofit now marking its 50th Anniversary. KWI is, per its website, "a home-grown organization incorporating self-sufficiency for our neighbors through food security, nutritional health, and well-being." KWI -- the only food pantry in the Tulsa area that actually delivers to its participants' doorsteps -- will host an event tonight (Thursday the 7th) in celebartion of its Golden Anniversary.

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