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Quake Near Ponca City Felt in Tulsa

An earthquake has rattled parts of northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas. The U.S. Geological Survey reports the magnitude-3.9 quake struck about 9 miles southeast of Medford, Oklahoma, on Thursday night. No injuries or damage was immediately reported. Medford is more than 90 miles north of Oklahoma City. A smaller 2.5-magnitude earthquake was recorded around 5 p.m. Thursday roughly 10 miles west of Harper, Kansas. Thousands of earthquakes have been recorded in Oklahoma in recent years. Many...

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ACT Scores in Oklahoma are Down

Oklahoma's scores for the ACT college entrance exam have dropped statewide for 2017 as the number of students taking the test has increased. The ACT measures skills taught in schools and considered important for success in first-year college courses. The Oklahoman reports that Oklahoma was among 17 states to have 100 percent of its graduates take the ACT in 2017. State Schools Superintendent Joy Hofmeister says opening the ACT to all students gives the education department "valuable insight...

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Irma Smashes Turks And Caicos; Category 4 Storm On Its Way To Florida

Hurricane Irma slammed through the Turks and Caicos Islands en route to a destructive encounter with Florida this weekend. Although the storm has been downgraded slightly, it remains a massively powerful and "extremely dangerous" system, forecasters say. The extent of the damage to the low-lying Turks and Caicos island chain, located just east of the Bahamas, was not immediately known. Winds at the top end of the hurricane scale and waves as high as 20 feet had been forecast; tropical-force...

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Celebrating 70 Years of Public Radio Tulsa with Scott Horsley


On this episode of ST, we welcome Jared Johnson to the show. He's an active drummer on the Tulsa-area music scene as well as a drumset instructor at Northeastern State University. Jared gigs widely on the local scene, playing in all sorts of bands and musical settings, and mainly works as a jazz drummer.

Our guest on this installment of StudioTulsa is Brenda Tracy, a registered nurse who's based in Oregon. Tracy speaks often about sexual assault and physical violence on America's college campuses. In 1998, while she was a student at Oregon State, she was gang raped by four men -- two of whom were Oregon State football players. For many years afterward, as we learn on today's show, Tracy did not speak publicly about this devastating personal tragedy.

On this installment of ST, an interesting chat with Rick Wartzman, who is the director of the Moon Center for a Functioning Society at the Drucker Institute, which is a part of Claremont Graduate University. Wartzman also writes about work and working for Fortune Magazine's website, and he joins us to discuss his new book, "The End of Loyalty: The Rise and Fall of Good Jobs in America." This book, which Forbes called "a brilliant, rogue history of American business's transformation over the past 75 years," shows us how and why four major U.S.

If you grew up here in the Sooner State -- and if you are, as they say, of a certain age -- then you might well wonder where all the Texas horned lizards, or horned toads, or horny toads, have gone.... Whatever you call them, they used to be readily apparent all over these parts, or so it seemed -- but no longer. What happened? Our guest is Chad Love, a freelance writer and editor based in Woodward, Oklahoma.

On this edition of ST, we get an update on the Kravis Discovery Center at the Gilcrease Museum here in Tulsa. Located in the museum’s lower level, the Center recently underwent an extensive renovation in order to create a more interactive, more tech-driven -- and thus more "21st century" -- experience. Our guest is Dr. Bob Pickering, a Professor of Anthropology here at TU as well as a Senior Curator at Gilcrease.

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