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Woman Convicted of Charges in Tulsa Corpse-Slashing Trial

An Oklahoma woman has been convicted of burglary and four other charges after she slashed the corpse of her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. A Tulsa County jury deliberated about four hours before finding Shaynna Lauren Sims guilty of all five counts related to the mutilation of Tabatha Lynch's corpse in a casket at a Tulsa mortuary. Lynch had died of natural causes on April 30, 2015, of natural causes at age 38. The jury recommended up to 16 years in prison when a judge sentences Sims on June 1....

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Ex-Oklahoma GOP Party Chief to Run for Lieutenant Governor

Former Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Matt Pinnell of Tulsa says he is running for lieutenant governor. Pinnell said in a statement Friday that he's filed a statement of organization with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission and will be a candidate for the office in 2018. Pinnell was chairman of the state GOP from 2010 until 2013, when he was named the Republican National Committee's National State Party Director. Current Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb, also a Republican, is term-limited and has said he's ...

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Murder Video Again Raises Questions About How Facebook Handles Content

Video of a murder uploaded to Facebook this week upset many users, especially since it took Facebook two hours to take it down. But the incident illustrates a dilemma for the company as it becomes an open platform for both recorded and livestreamed video. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was contrite about the incident when he appeared on stage at the company's F8 developer's conference. "Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Robert Godwin Sr.," said Zuckerberg, referring to the man...

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Lights Off, Blankets Out: Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight

Not all of April's showers are soggy and flower-inducing. Late April is also the season of the Lyrids, the second of the year's established meteor showers. So get thee to the rooftops and wide open fields: The shower peaks tonight. The Lyrid meteors are pieces of the comet Thatcher , discovered and last seen in 1861, the most recent year it reached perihelion, the point in its orbit closest to the sun. (Thatcher takes 415.5 years to orbit the sun; it is expected to return in 2276.) Every...

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The Give and Take on Education with Oklahoma State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister, Sand Springs Assistant Superintendent Rob Miller, and Tulsa City Councilor Anna America

On the Next All This Jazz: Music of the Earth...on Earth Day

Listen for the next All This Jazz, starting at 9pm on Saturday the 22nd , right here on KWGS -FM / Public Radio Tulsa. We'll hear from the likes of Ronnie Cuber, Clark Terry, Barbara Carroll, and Chicho Hamilton, to name a few. And our third-hour theme -- r unning from 11pm until midnight, on Earth Day, no less -- will be Earth Tunes ; thus we'll dig Woody Herman's "The Good Earth," Ingrid Jensen's "Here on Earth," Sun Ra's "Planet Earth," and so forth. Every Saturday night, both online and...

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This Land Sings: Songs of Wandering, Love, and Protest

Sunday, April 23 at 4:00 p.m. on Classical 88.7 KWTU


In 1938, Dr. Sigmund Tobias (who was a toddler at the time) and his family were forced to flee from their native Berlin, Germany, to one of the poorest districts of Shanghai, China, where they lived as refugees along with 17,000 other European Jews for more than a decade. Dr. Tobias is our guest today on StudioTulsa. He will share his moving personal story as the featured speaker for the Tulsa Council for Holocaust Education's 20th Annual Yom HaShoah / Interfaith Holocaust Commemoration, which happens tomorrow night (Thursday the 20th) at Congregation B’nai Emunah.

On today's StudioTulsa -- that is, on Tax Day 2017 -- we are joined by T.R.

On this edition of ST Medical Monday, we get to know Robin Steinberg, a New York City-based public defender who founded the nonprofit Bronx Defenders in the late 1990s. This organization is still known for its model of "holistic defense," in which clients are advocated for by an interdisciplinary team of professionals (legal and otherwise) who address the underlying causes as well as the collateral consequences of our criminal-justice system. As Steinberg tells us, in January of this year, the Bronx Defenders opened a smaller-scale satellite office in North Tulsa called Still She Rises.

On this installment of ST, we speak with the British author and historian Huw Lewis-Jones, who is one of the editors (along with his wife, Kari Herbert) of a striking and engaging new book, "Explorers' Sketchbooks: The Art of Discovery and Adventure." As was noted of this book in a starred review in Library Journal: "The intersection of adventure, art, and memoir doesn't get any better than this title, edited by polar guides and husband-and-wife team Lewis-Jones and ­Herbert.

Our guest on ST today is Eileen Bradshaw, Executive Director of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. The Food Bank, as it's commonly known, is the largest private hunger-relief organization in eastern Oklahoma; it's been around since 1981. As is noted at this special nonprofit's website: "Our vision is food security, with dignity, for all eastern Oklahomans.... With locations in Tulsa and McAlester, we provide food and other donated goods to 450 Partner Programs in 24 counties of eastern Oklahoma.

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